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Watch The Bloodzillathon Channel for Free on FilmOn

The Bloodzillathon Channel is now available for free on FilmOn. The Bloodzillathon is great for those of us who love huge monsters and amazing battles. Take a look at the channel’s description:

“The giant monster, known as kaiju in Japanese, is completely different from the creatures found in ordinary horror movies. Giant monsters can eat your whole building. They can wreck cities just by stomping them down. At the Bloodzillathon Channel, we promise thousands of screaming villagers, no cutaway shots to scientists explaining it all. Nothing will save you from the chaos; this is a must see!”

One of the monster movies you’ll be able to see is “Gammera The Invincible.”

“When U.S. troops shoot down a Russian bomber, the plane and its payload of hydrogen bombs explode upon impact. The blast releases the giant fire-breathing Gamera. The colossal beast makes its way to Tokyo, and begins to destroy the city. A classic monster flick, fans of this genre will love to see how it all began.”

You can watch this channel below the post or at FilmOn. This is just one of the many movie channels you can view on FilmOn. If you’re ready to start viewing films, you can watch FilmOn’s library of films for free in SD or, for a low monthly subscription, in HD with added DVR recording space.

What do you think about The Bloodzillathon Channel? Talk about it in the comments section below.


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