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Lawsuit Filed Against Former Digital Domain CEO John Textor and Others Over Michael Jackson Hologram

Posted by monique On June - 3 - 2014 0 Comment

Remember the controversial Michael Jackson hologram performance at the Billboard Music Awards last May? Surrounding the hologram performance of Michael Jackson were tons of legal battles. The biggest issue at the heart of the battle was who legally had the right to the technology that made the performance possible. According to TVMix, a more comprehensive lawsuit has been filed against the producers of the hologram performance.

The suit filed by Hologram US and Musion das Hologram Limited is against John Textor and his Pulse companies, as well as against John Branca and John McClain, the executors of the Estate of Michael Jackson. Also named in the suit are two companies going under the name “Musion” even though they aren’t affiliated with Musion das Hologram.

The suit has also named Pulse Vice Chairman Rene Eichenberger (whom TVMix states has been reported to have allegedly made threats against Musion employees) and Enrique Steiger, Swiss war surgeon and, apparently, an investor in the hologram.

The suit not only lays out who owns the patent to technology, but also argues that the producers of the Billboard Awards allegedly stole the patent, misreprented themselves and lied to the courts. The suit also argues that the producers announced their intention to continue to infringe on the technology’s patent in the future.

So who really owns the patent to the technology? An invention created by Uwe Maas was the pathway toward the creation of the life-like hologram technology. The technology is owned by Giovanni Palma’s Musion das Hologram and controlled by Alki David’s Hologram USA in parternship with Musion das Hologram.

“John Branca should be ashamed of himself,” said David. “His self interest has blinded him to John Textor’s criminality and he has once again piled more shame onto the Jackson Estate.”

You can read the full story at TVMix.

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