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The Devine Xperience’s Self-Titled Album Review

Posted by Karen Benardello On July - 6 - 2014 0 Comment

Artist: The Devine Xperience

Album: The Devine Xperience

Label: Let’s Beat Milo Records

Executive Producers: Edgar Montiel & DJ Keoki

Recorded and mixed at: Robert’s Recording Laboratory

Music can often powerfully engage people’s senses and bring them on an emotional journey as they relate to the gripping lyrics singers infuse into their songs. But musicians who can truly showcase their versatility and passion about important life events and sentiments mainly through their unique beats and instrumentals often have the most dynamic and compelling stories to tell. Such is the case with the resourceful electronic band, The Devine Xperience, whose new self-titled debut album contains a classic mix of dance music and important messages on such wide-ranging, controversial and transcendental subjects as politics and aliens.

The Los Angeles-based Breaks and Dubstep-fueled band, who has a similar sound to such groups as Rabbit in the Moon and The Freestylers, features Robert Jaros AKA Robert Devine, who creates all of the music and also sings backup vocals; Vanessa Garic, who sings lead vocals and backup vocals; and Enki Siruzis, a live performer. Garic wrote and produced all of the album’s songs with Jaros, who also recorded, mixed, edited and arranged the record.

The trio also utilized elements of Electro, Trance and Acid in their self-titled album to bring their listeners into a higher state of consciousness. The musicians creatively utilized their live performance experience to masterfully balance heavy sub-bass tones with distorted synths in order to create a modern feel to the electronic genre. They also infused a welcoming mix of aggressive and calming tones into their songs.

‘The Devine Xperience’ starts off with with its best entry, ‘In A Dream,’ which instantly captures listeners’ attention with enticing electronic-fused beats. The engaging track, which is innovatingly fueled by more up-tempo, pulsating beats than vocals, has the potential to be an electronic dance hit. While the song is approximately five-and-a-half minutes long, the unique drum samples, which are interlaced with a distorted bass wobble and techno synths, makes listeners feel as though they really are in a dream with Garic’s dynamic lyrics.

While ‘In A Dream’ instantly draws in listeners with its vibrant beats and instruments, the record also features several calming songs that also effortlessly engage emotions. ‘Completely In A Trance’ is one of the slower, more mellow tracks on the album. The calmer beats, in combination with Garic’s soulful lyrics, will surely entice listeners to serenely examine their lives. Another distinctive, soothing entries on the album, ‘The Answer,’ is another noteworthy addition. The song utilizes subtle, calming layers of synths and samples to wrap up the psychedelic, far-reaching emotional journey of ‘The Devine Xperience.’

‘Strange Mutation’ also readily leaves its mark on listeners with its chromatic, melodic tones that are driven by heavy subs and a downtempo beat. The harrowing beats are smartly driven by Garic’s serious vocals about feeling alienated by society. Another stunningly intense song featured on ‘The Devine Xperience’ is ‘Alien Dust,’ which not only embraces the dubstep sound and distorted bass wobbles, but the intense and unique beats help keep listeners captivated by the musicians’ emotional journey.

Jaros epically captured his intention to create music that takes viewers on an intensely emotional journey that connects them with their innermost sense. The unique subjects he and his bandmates explore on their self-titled album, from aliens to politics, combined with Garic’s profound voice and their creative dubstep and synthesizer-infused beats, created a completely unique and unexpected musical journey. The result is an intriguing album in which many listeners will surely find something to relate to, especially as they discover something new about each track with subsequent listens.

For more information on The Devine Xperience and their self-titled album, visit the band’s official website and Facebook page. Listen to ‘The Devine Xperience’ in its entirety below.

The Devine Xperience's Self-Titled Album Review

Written by: Karen Benardello

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