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Paul Sloan is Releasing His Vigilante Diaries in Theaters and on Home Release

The ‘Vigilante Diaries,’ as told by actor Paul Sloan, is set to be unveiled to the public, as Anchor Bay Entertainment has announced it will distribute the action comedy this summer. The highly anticipated film will be released in select theaters and on iTunes on June 24, before expanding to On Demand, Blu-ray and DVD on July 5. The home release discs and Digital HD distribution will feature such bonus material as a ‘Behind The Scenes’ featurette that brings fans closer to the title character. Based on the popular web series on Chill.com, ‘Vigilante Diaries’ was co-written by Sloan and its director, Christian Sesma. Besides Sloan, who portrays the eponymous  [ Read More ]


3Bubble and J.Gray Live From the Pentagon Album Review

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3Bubble and J.Gray Live From the Pentagon Album Review

Artists: 3Bubble and J.Gray Album: Live From the Pentagon Production: Dope Boyz, Mantra and AllArounda Reveling in their accomplishments is a goal that many people strive to achieve in their lives, but they often neglect to remember one of the most important aspects that helped them obtain their success: the determination and drive that was required to accomplish their objectives. But Houston rappers 3Bubble and J.Gray, who share a passionate love for creating music, understand the importance of dedication. They have both put endless pressure on themselves, including having lengthy recording sessions in the studio, in order to find triumph in sharing their voices with the public. The duo proved  [ Read More ]

Comedian Monty Geer Appreciates His Mom and Friends in Instagram Videos

Comedian Monty Geer is showing his appreciation for his mom, and warning his fans to never fall asleep around their friends, in two new videos that he shared on his Instagram. The actor, who has garnered fame for playing Cole on MTV’s comedy-drama series, ‘Awkward,’ released the two videos, as he’s creating a platform on social media where he can share his own original and hilarious content. In the actor’s ‘Mother’s Day Video,’ Geer starts off by thanking his mother for raising him. With Lukas Graham’ popular soul song, ’7 Years,’ playing in the background, the clip parodies the troubles mothers and sons regularly face, from arguing over music and  [ Read More ]

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Interview: Amanda Schull Talks 12 Monkeys (Exclusive)

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Interview Amanda Schull Talks 12 Monkeys (Exclusive) 2

Many people contemplate how different their lives would be if they could go back in time and alter history, particularly in the name of the greater good. But even the slightest change in one of their actions, which they may initially perceive to be beneficial, can ultimately change the entire course of mankind, and the residual results may not be all that endearing. That’s certainly the case with the current second season of Syfy’s sci-fi mystery drama, ‘12 Monkeys.’ The action adventure show, which airs on Mondays at 9/8c, thrives on the idea that people want to manipulate time in order to save and protect mankind. But even the greatest  [ Read More ]

Interview: Steven Chester Prince Talks Divine Access (Exclusive)

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Interview: Steven Chester Prince Talks Divine Access (Exclusive)

Challenging your long unwavering beliefs, particularly in regards to spirituality, can be a surprisingly endearing process for those who are determined to find the reasons for their existence. While the idea of exploring new ideas can be a harrowing one to some people at first, the importance of finding acceptance and guidance in subjects they never expected can become a more fulfilling achievement for them than remaining content in their previously predictable environment. That’s certainly the case with the protagonist in the new comedy-drama, ‘Divine Access,’ which was co-written, directed and produced by Steven Chester Prince, and is now playing in select theaters and on VOD. ‘Divine Access’ follows Jack  [ Read More ]

The Curse of Sleeping Beauty Poster

The most strong-willed people often ambitiously fight their internal demons and subsequently embrace life again after overcoming a difficult situation. But it isn’t until they’re unexpectedly forced to face off against an ancient external evil that relentlessly wants to control them that they undergo a stunning epiphany, and realize who they truly are as a person. That’s certainly the case with the captivating male protagonist in the new fantasy thriller, ‘The Curse of Sleeping Beauty,’ which was directed by Pearry Teo, who also co-wrote the script with Josh Nadler. The XLrator Media-distributed drama, which is now playing in select theaters and on VOD and iTunes, shows that even the character’s  [ Read More ]

Go Behind the Scenes of the New Penny Dreadful Prequel Comic Book Series

Dark and dangerous secrets will no longer be kept hidden, as horror fans can now uncover powerful, relentless forces from the underworld. Devotees of the genre are now being offered a behind-the-scenes look at content from the creators of the art seen in Issue #1 of Titan Comics’ new ‘Penny Dreadful’ prequel comic book series. The third season of Showtime’s acclaimed, Golden Globe-nominated horror drama series is now airing on Sundays at 10p ET/PT on Showtime Networks. ‘Penny Dreadful’ can also be streamed on Showtime Anytime. The current season features such returning series regulars as Josh Hartnett, Timothy Dalton, Reeve Carney and Eva Green. In ‘Penny Dreadful’s first behind-the-scenes video,  [ Read More ]

Witness The Curse of Sleeping Beauty with Ethan Peck in Exclusive Clip

Uncovering the creepily sinister truth of a world you thought you knew can be a harrowing and frightening experience for anyone, even for those who thought they have already contended with their most malevolent emotions. Ethan Peck is struggling to cope with those dire sentiments as he encounters an entirely new, dark vision of the classic Brothers Grimm adventure of ‘Sleeping Beauty.’ To honor the actor’s new film, ‘The Curse of Sleeping Beauty,’ and the gripping new reality his character is forced to confront, Shockya has an exclusive clip from the thriller. ‘The Curse of Sleeping Beauty,’ which opened in select theaters last Friday, May 13, is receiving a wider  [ Read More ]

Minds Eye Entertainment Signs Six-Picture Production Slate with Bridgegate Pictures and VMI Worldwide

Minds Eye Entertainment has financed and green lit a six-picture production slate of sci-fi, action and thriller films with Bridgegate Pictures and VMI Worldwide. The independent Canadian production and distribution company, Minds Eye Entertainment, will distribute the films in North America. The Los Angeles-based VMI Worldwide, which is an international sales, film finance and production company, will release the titles internationally. The six movies will also be shot for the new Barco Escape three-screen, panoramic theatrical format, which fully surrounds audiences and offers the ultimate immersive cinema experience. Portions of the films will also be shot in Virtual Reality. Kevin Dewalt, the CEO of Minds Eye Entertainment, made the production  [ Read More ]

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Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga Share the Loving in Drama's New Teaser Poster

Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga are sharing their passion for each other in the newly released teaser poster for their upcoming biography film, ‘Loving.’ The historical movie’s distributor, Focus Features, unveiled the poster before the drama has its world premiere today In Competition at the 2016 Cannes International Film Festival. After today’s premiere, the film is set to be distributed in American theaters in November. ‘Loving’ was written and directed by Independent Spirit Award-nominated filmmaker, Jeff Nichols. Besides Edgerton and Negga, the historical drama also stars Michael Shannon, who the acclaimed filmmaker previously collaborated with on ‘Midnight Special’ and ‘Take Shelter.’ The scribe-helmer’s new biography film celebrates the real-life courage  [ Read More ]

Witness Strange Happenings in Enfield in New The Conjuring 2 Featurette

The destruction of the seemingly strong connection of a close-knit family is powerfully explored in a new featurette for the upcoming supernatural thriller, ‘The Conjuring 2.’ The video, which is titled ‘Strange Happenings in Enfield,’ chronicles how the devoted Hodgson family moved into a home in Enfield, Englad without having any prior knowledge that it was haunted by a poltergeist. As a result, the relatives were forced to overcome their inner turmoil and bond together, in order to survive. ‘Strange Happenings in Enfield’ was released by Warner Bros. Pictures, whose genre division, New Line Cinema, will distribute the movie in theaters on June 10. The film serves as the follow-up  [ Read More ]

Interview: Oliver Thompson Talks Welcome to Happiness (Exclusive)

Courageous people are often curious to find their next intriguing and daring adventure, especially when they witness other people taking bold risks. When those thrill-seekers do ultimately engage in the life-altering experiences they have so longingly desired, the event often changes their perspective on life, and particularly makes them appreciate everything they have. That’s certainly the case with the new comedy-drama, ‘Welcome to Happiness,’ which FilmBuff is set to release in theaters and On Demand on Friday. The fantasy movie marks the feature film writing and directorial debuts of Oliver Thompson, who made the risky decision to shoot the ambitious story on an independent budget. But his visionary choice to  [ Read More ]

Dark Around the Stars' Exclusive Clip Shows Mark Kassen's Latest Spirited Adventure

Sometimes it takes the experience of embarking on a spirited adventure, and encountering a diverse group of people, to truly realize and appreciate the simple beauty of life. That’s certainly the case with the protagonist in the new drama, ‘Dark Around the Stars,’ who only learns how to embrace his troubled soul after he embarks on an enlightening journey. In honor of that soulful realization, Shockya has an exclusive new clip from the film, which is titled ‘Train Chicken.’ In the new clip, actor Mark Kassen’s emotionally struggling lead character, Glen, picks up a hitchhiker on the highway. Glen asks his new passenger if he wants to go four wheeling  [ Read More ]

The Meddler's Signed Poster Giveaway Encourages Mother and Daughter Bonding

No bond is more sacred than the one between a mother and daughter, even if that connection isn’t always cherished. Susan Sarandon and Rose Byrne are learning to cope with the ever-changing dynamics of a parent-child relationship in their new comedy-drama, ‘The Meddler.’ In honor of Mother’s Day this month, the sentimental family film is now playing in theaters in select cities, and will continue to expand through next Friday, May 20. In celebration of the comedy-drama’s expanding theatrical release, Shockya is offering one lucky winners a poster signed by several of ‘The Meddler’s main actors, including Sarandon, Byrne and J.K. Simmons. To enter, email us at ShockyaGiveaway@aol.com. Let us  [ Read More ]

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Chris Wirsig’s The 13 Crystal Skulls Album Review

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Chris Wirsig's The 13 Crystal Skulls Album Review

Artist: Chris Wirsig (keyboards, vocals) Album: The 13 Crystal Skulls Production: Chris Wirsig Gracefully capturing the sophistication that intriguingly drives the joy of dreams and the equally agonizing pain of nightmares is a challenge that many musicians aren’t able to accomplish, particularly without a heavy reliance on vocals. But San Francisco-based composer Chris Wirsig has captivatingly been able to effortlessly highlight the intensity that motivates his alluring imagination and harrowing visions through his latest instrumental-led songs. His 13 new tracks that are featured on his upcoming album, ‘The 13 Crystal Skulls,’ which is set to be released this Friday, May 13, powerfully highlight the emotions of his fantasies. Wirsig, who  [ Read More ]

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