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Steve Jobs NYFF Press Conference

Pinpointing the true genius behind history’s most revolutionary products can at times be a daunting task, as the people who contributed to the idea can long dispute who truly developed the concept. But other times, uncovering the intelligence behind the design can be quite simple, as the team passionately embraces the input of everyone who was involved. Both are the case with the new biographical film, ‘Steve Jobs,’ which is set to open in a limited theatrical release in New York and Los Angeles on Friday, before its nationwide release on October 23. The drama’s cast and crew emotionally appreciates their collective film interpretation of Walter Isaacson’s authorized 2011 self-titled  [ Read More ]


Interview: Goran Visnjic Talks The Journey Home (Exclusive)

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Interview: Goran Visnjic Talks The Journey Home (Exclusive)

It’s often instinctive human nature for people, no matter what challenging experiences they have previously contended with, to be curious what what’s happening in the world around them, and fully embrace those intriguing opportunities. That’s certainly the case in the endearing new family adventure film, ‘The Journey Home,’ which was co-directed by Roger Spottiswoode and Brando Quilici, and is now available on DVD and Digital Video. One of the movie’s lead actors, Goran Visnjic, truly appreciated the opportunity to travel to Churchill, Canada to shoot the stunts and emotional arc in the action-driven movie. The performer fearlessly embraced the physical and emotional obstacles that his character faced in the story,  [ Read More ]


Five Hundredth Year’s A Rose from Ashes EP Review

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Five Hundredth Year's A Rose from Ashes EP Review

Artist: Five Hundredth Year EP: A Rose from Ashes Production: Wall of Sound Studio/B.J. Perry (I Prevail, The Product) While society has at times struggled to learn how to accept people whose ideas and interests are different from their own and the social norm, those who experience unjustified prejudice often experience the same emotions as their fellow citizens. The gripping exploration into how people who have distinct interests and views do experience those same desires and sentiments as their peers is showcased in ‘A Rose from Ashes,’ the new EP from hard rock-metal band, Five Hundredth Year. The Fenton, Michigan-based group’s release captivatingly mixes creative vocals and instruments to emphasize  [ Read More ]


Interview: Paul Zerdin Talks Winning America’s Got Talent Season 10

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Interview Paul Zerdin Talks Winning America’s Got Talent Season 10

Unabashedly carrying out your goals and sharing your true passion with audiences across the country can be a daunting prospect to some people. But to others, it’s a gratifying experience that allows them to finally show the importance and distinct nature of their abilities. Paul Zerdin, the recently announced winner of the 10th anniversary season of NBC’s popular reality competition series, ‘America’s Got Talent,’ relatably and humbly encompassed that later liberating desire to share his skills in ventriloquism during the show’s run this summer. American viewers and the show’s four judges, including Howard Stern, Heidi Klum, Mel B and Howie Mandel, awarded Zerdin for his inventive and unique take on  [ Read More ]

Interview Jamie Babbit and Karey Dornetto Talk Addicted To Fresno (Exclusive)

Compellingly making a female driven comedy that chronicles the complexity of their relationships in both a funny and meaningful way can be an equally daunting and liberating task. But the new independent movie ‘Addicted to Fresno,’ which was directed by Jamie Babbit and written by television scribe Karey Dornetto, comically and meaningfully chronicles how families enable each other to continue destructive patterns. But they ultimately realize they must ultimately separate in order to grow. Also emphasizing the vulnerability of two distinct sisters, as well as the prospect of redeeming their mistakes, despite their reluctance to change their bad choices, proves that the filmmakers know how to create relatable characters who  [ Read More ]


Interview: Camryn Manheim Talks Return to Sender (Exclusive)

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Interview: Camryn Manheim Talks Return to Sender (Exclusive)

Truly embracing the meaningful relationships and consequences that arise from the most critical situations in your life can be both a fulfilling and daunting experience. With her new independent thriller, ‘Return to Sender,’ Emmy Award-winning actress Camryn Manheim charmingly relishes the experience of working with a passionate cast and crew to create a daunting story about what happens when a well-meaning protagonist is pushed beyond her emotional limits. The film, which was released on Blu-ray and DVD today by RLJ Entertainment, features the intriguing actress in a supporting role to a lead character who becomes a classic anti-hero after starting to fight back against an injustice against her. Director Fouad  [ Read More ]

The Walk NYFF Press Conference

Dedicatedly embarking on an unexplored and unfamiliar journey, in a courageous attempt to overcome your fears and prove your worth and abilities, can be a frightening prospect for many people. But French high-wire artist Philippe Petit’s decision to walk between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, particularly while they were being constructed during the mid-1970s, was an alluring choice that proves that people don’t have to follow society’s expectations and norms in order to thrive. His powerful journey is intriguingly presented in the upcoming biographical drama, ‘The Walk,’ which was directed by Robert Zemeckis, who also co-wrote the script with Christopher Browne. The movie, which is based on  [ Read More ]


Exclusive: Watch Modern Family’s Rico Rodriguez Enter The Endgame

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Rico Rodriguez Enters the Endgame in Drama's Exclusive Clip

Rico Rodriguez’s ultimate goal is to avoid further punishment in Shockya’s new exclusive clip from his upcoming drama, ‘Endgame.’ The ‘Modern Family’ actor stars as Jose in the film, who turns to his grandmother for help in the video, which is titled ‘Jose is in Trouble.’ The clip has been unveiled in support of the drama’s distribution by Late Bloomer Productions in theaters tomorrow in L.A., before it expands to more screens on October 2. ‘Jose is in Trouble’ follows Jose as he arrives on the doorstep of his grandmother, Abuelita, who’s played by Ivonne Coll. She immediately asks her grandson what happened to him, as his clothes and school  [ Read More ]


Interview: Sean Nateghi Talks Me You and Five Bucks (Exclusive)

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Interview: Sean Nateghi Talks Me You and Five Bucks (Exclusive)

It’s normal human nature for people to feel gracious when their accomplishments are recognized and rewarded by the people in their lives who have come to understand and relate to their emotions and motivations. But it’s also disappointingly far too commonplace when people are betrayed by those who are supposedly close to them, as it turns out they only thrive on their failures. Actor and producer Sean Nateghi powerfully showcased both relatable situations in his new independent romantic comedy-drama, ‘Me You and Five Bucks,’ which is was written and directed by, and also stars, his real-life friend, Jaime Zevallos. The movie, which is scheduled to have a one-week theatrical run  [ Read More ]


Space Apaches’ Smokin’ Voyages Album Review

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Space Apaches Smokin' Voyages Album Review

Artist: Space Apaches Members/Instruments: Drums: Jim Arrendell Bass: Rob Geisler Key/Piano/Guitar: Aaron Price Guitar: Andrew Reed Guitar: Tom Leiner Album: Smokin’ Voyages Production: Record Label: Artists International Inc.; All songs written by Andrew Reed, except ‘I Am the Six O’Clock New’ by Larry Norman; ‘Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)’ by Mickey Newbury; and ‘Ghost Riders in the Sky’ by Stan Jones; Produced by Andrew Reed; Recorded at Sedgwick Studios, Asheville, NC; Engineered by Jim Georgeson, chief engineer and Jason Pitroff, 2nd engineer; Mixed by Jim Georgeson; Mastered by Stephen V. Smith at SoundSmiths Honoring the past and embracing the experiences that have shaped your  [ Read More ]


Interview: Jared Cohn Talks Sharknado: Heart of Sharkness

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Interview: Jared Cohn Talks Sharknado: Heart of Sharkness

In the fourth Sharknado movie, a mockumentary that will be released on DVD on October 6 by The Asylum, and was directed by Jeremy Wagener, Jared Cohn plays the ambitious filmmaker behind the original Sharknado movie – the one we never saw. Before Ian, before Tara, before the Twitter sensation… there was this! Question (Q): First of all, give us a quick rundown of Sharknado: Heart of Sharkness? Jared Cohn (JC): Sharknado: Heart of Sharkness is an origin story of how Sharknado came about. I play the original creator/director of the movie. It shows my struggles as a filmmaker doing whatever it takes to get the masterpiece that is Sharknado  [ Read More ]

Exclusive Interview: Sam Trammell Talks All Mistakes Buried (31st Boston Film Festival)

Emotionally depending on someone you have sentimentally developed a deep connection with to help you maintain your happiness can take drastically different paths; it can become either a liberating process that guides you in achieving your goals, or a restrictive situation that begins to deteriorate your pride. The new independent drama, ‘All Mistakes Buried,’ which had its world premiere last night at the 31st Boston Film Festival, enthralling encompasses both experiences. Actor Sam Trammell developed captivating working relationships with the film’s director Tim McCann and producer Shaun S. Sanghani on their previous indie drama, ‘White Rabbit,’ that the trio reunited to co-write ‘All Mistakes Buried’ together. The intriguing relationships between  [ Read More ]

Witness The Young Messiah’s Life In Drama’s Newly Released Trailer

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Witness The Young Messiah's Life In Drama's Newly Released Trailer

The time to better understand His true ambitions and powerful motivations has been unveiled in the newly released trailer for the upcoming drama, ‘The Young Messiah.’ The clip for the film has been released by Focus Features, which will distribute the gripping drama in theaters nationwide on March 11, 2016. ‘The Young Messiah,’ which is based on the 2005 novel ‘Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt’ by Anne Rice, follows the inspiring and unique story of seven-year-old Jesus Christ and His family as they come to a fuller understanding of His divine nature and purpose. The movie was directed by Cyrus Nowrasteh, who also co-wrote the script with Betsy Giffen  [ Read More ]

The 31st Boston Film Festival Showcases the Drama by Announcing Its Official Screening Schedule

Continuing its tradition of featuring exciting new movies across to audiences across the city, the 31st Boston Film Festival is set to show diverse projects in five different venues this weekend. Starting tonight and running through Monday, the festival will spotlight two local features and five world premieres. Among the talent expected to appear during the 31st Boston Film Festival are Shaun Toub, Adrian Sparks and the Medal of Honor recipients featured in the gripping new documentary, ‘No Greater Love.’ Other noted actors who will be present at the festival are Sam Trammell, Annika Noelle, Tom Beardwell, Robyn Coffin, Robert Cannon, Justin Lee and James Molinari. The official schedule for  [ Read More ]

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Elessar Thiessen’s A Rainy Week In Paradise Album Review

Posted by Karen Benardello On September - 16 - 2015 0 Comment
Elessar Thiessen's A Rainy Week In Paradise Album Review

Artist: Elessar Thiessen Album: A Rainy Week In Paradise Production: Produced and Engineered by Elessar Thiessen; Vocals Engineered by Jordan Jackiew; Mixed and Mastered by Jordan Jackiew Having the instinctive ability to naturally touch other people’s hearts and emotions is an alluring attribute that not everyone organically possesses. But being able to uplift others by courageously exposing the darkest corners of your soul is an even more resolute quality that not everyone maintains, which makes those who do have it even more inspiring. Canadian singer-songwriter-producer Elessar Thiessen’s recently released full-length debut album, ‘A Rainy Week in Paradise,’ proves that he does have that quality, which helps make him an exhilarating  [ Read More ]


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