Jurassic World

When you’re working with big names, lots of money and hot properties, there’s bound to be problems and right now we’ve got Marvel and Colin Trevorrow trying to repair some. Trevorrow is having more luck, having just conducted an interview to clear up some concerns regarding the leaked “Jurassic World” plot, but Marvel can’t seem to pull “Ant-Man” back together. Roland Emmerich, on the other hand, is actually getting his “Stargate” trilogy off the ground and Robert Schwentke continues to add talent to his “Insurgent” line-up. Get all the details on those stories as well as box office results, Golden Trailer winners and loads more below. 1. Adam McKay Passes  [ Read More ]

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James Cameron emerges from the DEEPSEA CHALLENGER submersible

‘James Cameron’s Deepsea Challenge 3D’ is set to reveal the ocean’s greates depths in its theatrical release. Marketing and distribution company, DisruptiveLA, has acquired the US distribution rights to the feature documentary, which will be released on August 8 across the U.S. The movie, which was directed by John Bruno, Ray Quint and Andrew Wight, tells the story of the ‘Avatar’ helmer’s journey to fulfill his boyhood dream of becoming an explorer. The documentary follows Cameron as he makes history by becoming the first person to travel solo to the deepest point on the planet. The film chronicles the highs, and literal lows, of Deepsea Challenge, the first extensive scientific  [ Read More ]

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Perhaps studios are looking to get all their ducks in a row before the holiday season because there’s a particularly large amount of big projects making big moves this week. Apparently Avi Lerner hit the jackpot and managed to lock Meryl Streep, Cameron Diaz and Milla Jovovich for “ExpendaBelles.” Meanwhile, Universal and Focus Features pushed past the Charlie Hunnam debacle by recruiting Jamie Dornan to take on the role of Christian Grey in “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Clive Barker also came out with some big news for Pinhead fans; he’s developing a reboot for Dimension Films and it’ll bring back Doug Bradley to play the head honcho of the Cenobites.  [ Read More ]

Movie News Cheat Sheet: More Bourne, Avatar, Scarface, And Ellen

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As we begin August, it’s quite clear the summer movie season is winding down, but that certainly didn’t affect the influx of updates on some highly anticipated projects that could eventually earn blockbuster status. Not only is Universal Pictures pushing forward with another “Bourne” movie, but the studio is also is preparing to push its “Scarface” reboot into pre-production. Meanwhile, 20th Century Fox’s officially committed to not just two, but three additional “Avatar” films while Sigourney Weaver considers boarding “The Mortal Instruments: City of Ash” even before “City of Bones” is certified hit. Ready for the details on those stories and more? It’s all right here in your weekly Movie  [ Read More ]

James Cameron Reveals Avatar 4 Being Planned As a Prequel

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James Cameron Reveals Avatar 4 Being Planned As a Prequel

James Cameron has revealed that if he moves forward with ‘Avatar 4,’ he has plans to make the film a prequel to his acclaimed 2009 sci-fi movie ‘Avatar,’ MTV is reporting. While the filmmaker was talking to the network during a press event for ‘Titanic’s home video release, with the Blu-ray and DVD hitting stores tomorrow, he said a fourth film in the ‘Avatar’ franchise is a possibility. With producer Jon Landau saying the second and third ‘Avatar’ movies being shot back-to-back, Cameron added that he hasn’t officially started writing ‘Avatar 4′ yet. But the third sequel “basically goes back to the early expeditions of Pandora, and kind of what  [ Read More ]

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Avatar 2′s Earliest Release Date Pushed Back to 2015

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James Cameron Avatar 2 2015 Release

James Cameron, the director of the highest grossing film of all time, ‘Avatar,’ has said the inevitable sequel in his proposed trilogy won’t be ready until 2015 or later, Comic Book Movie is reporting. The filmmaker’s confirmation comes after producer Jon Landau said reaching the proposed release date of late 2014 would be unlikely. Cameron is still working on the screenplays for both the second and third films in the ‘Avatar’ franchise. He then plans to move to New Zealand, where he and his family will live for at least a year and a half while he shoots the sequels The ‘Avatar’ director has also said that the two sequels  [ Read More ]

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Dark Knight Rises Batpod

Which 2012 summer blockbusters will join the exclusive domestic club… It’s that time of year where yours truly will alienate himself from his fellow writers once again. Actually, they’ll probably just call me an arrogant prick. Why? Well, most of them are authoring their 2012 summer movie preview, which is a common practice or tradition (that I used to partake in) in the film journalism realm around this time of year. That is essentially worthless. Aside from alerting moviegoers to when a flick opens; who will appear in it; and what it’s about, the rest of these columns are bloated with pure redundant speculation. Newsflash folks, 99.9% of the time,  [ Read More ]

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Here come the superheroes! We’ve got The Avengers plot details as well an update on Fox’s Fantastic Four reboot. On top of that, there are a slew of new stills floating around out there including a few from The Dark Knight Rises and a shot of a duo that might as well be superheroes, Sylvester Stallone and Yu Nan in The Expendables 2. Over in awards season territory, Jennifer Lawrence nabbed the opportunity to unveil the Academy Award nominees alongside Tom Sherak while the critics already revealed their favorite films of the year, which consisted of The Artist, The Help and more. Looking further into the future, James Cameron’s next  [ Read More ]

The Most Pirated Movies of 2011

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With award season quickly approaching and film critics releasing their top 10 movies of 2011, Dark Horizon has also released the top 10 most pirated movies of the year. ‘Fast Five’ takes the lead of being the most pirated film, having being illegally downloaded 9.26 million times. However, it’s far below the most pirated movie of 2010, ‘Avatar,’ which was viewed more than 16 million times. The overall top 10 list was down from 2010 as well, in part because of the increase in legal alternatives. However, the total number of active BitTorrent users isn’t on the decline, as the number of views is believed to be spread out over  [ Read More ]

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Interview: Real Steel Director Shawn Levy

Posted by Perri Nemiroff On October - 3 - 2011 0 Comment

Night at the Museum, Date Night, Cheaper by the Dozen. See a trend? Director Shawn Levy has a knack for making movies with a particularly wide appeal and his latest, Real Steel, is no different. The film stars Hugh Jackman as Charlie Kenton, a former boxer forced to change with the times, hang up his gloves and get behind the controls of a robot that will do the fighting for him. A series of brash decisions leaves Charlie without a robot and nearly out of the business. Complicating matters further, Charlie’s ex passes away, leaving him with their young son Max (Dakota Goyo). However, what Charlie first sees as a  [ Read More ]


How about a hefty dose of casting news to prep for the work/school week? This week’s Cheat Sheet is absolutely packed to the brim with casting updates and every single one of them is rather exciting! Even if you’re a hardcore Saw fan, there’s still a good chance you’ve got no clue who Darren Lynn Bousman is. Well, he was the man behind the lens of the series’ second, third and fourth installments and now he’s working on another horror film that not only boasts an interesting premise, but now a stellar cast, too. Alex Proyas, on the other hand, has been in the spotlight time and time again, which  [ Read More ]

Disney World To Open Avatar-Themed Park

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When “Avatar” first premiered, many people became distraught when they remembered that Pandora wasn’t real. Well, for some, their distraught feelings can be alleviated due to Disney World. According to Entertainment Weekly, a joint press release from Walt Disney Parks and Resorts and Fox Filmed Entertainment has announced plans to create and open a “land” based on “Avatar.” “With two new ‘Avatar’ films currently in development, we’ll have even more locations, characters and stories to explore,” said James Cameron, the director of “Avatar.” He also said that the park could have some settings from the upcoming sequels. If I’m speaking honestly, I never was a real fan of “Avatar”–I’m one  [ Read More ]


Winners For The 37th Annual Saturn Awards

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Last night a bunch of film and television producers, directors, actors and so on showed up to the 37th Annual Saturn Awards. The show is dedicated to honor all the top television shows and films that are in either the horror, science fiction and/or fantasy genre. Check out all the winners from the great event below. Life Career Award: Bert I. Gordon Best Local Stage Production: Small Theatre “Watson” – Accepting Jamie Robledo and French Steward Best Local Stage Production: Drama or Comedy “The Liutenant of Inishmore” – Accepting Andrew Connolly Best Local Stage Production, Musical: “Young Frankenstein” – Accepting is Mel Brooks Best DVD Collection: “Avatar” – Accepting are  [ Read More ]

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The Hollywood Reporter has recently published an interview with blockbuster directors Michael Bay and James Cameron on how to build a better blockbuster. According to the article, Bay decided to make the third “Transformers” film, “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”, a 3D film because of Cameron’s success with “Avatar”. According to Bay, who was initially on the fence about making the film 3D, Cameron convinced him by saying, “You gotta look at it as a toy. It’s another fine tool to help get emotion and character and create an experience.” Here’s more information on the article: Bay found his first shoot, a scene on the moon, using Cameron’s 3D technology  [ Read More ]


Titanic 3D Release Date Announced

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“I’m the king of the world!” are the words James Cameron will be screaming when he gets the box office receipts for the re-release of the mega-hit “Titanic”. Back in 1997, James Cameron delivered a technological wonder in effectively recreating the tragedy of the sinking of the Titanic. At the time, it was the highest grossing movie of all time and the winner of 11 Academy Awards. Since the release of “Avatar” in 2009, James Cameron has been perfecting the 3D technology and subsequently up-converting his masterpiece, “Titanic”. It has taken over 3 years to do this process with the approval and supervision of Cameron. Well, we now have a  [ Read More ]

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