Score: Technical: 80, Story: 85: Acting: 70: Overall Score: 78%
Directed By: Paul W.S. Anderson

Written By: Paul W.S. Anderson (Screenplay)
Dan O’Bannon (Screen Story)
Ronald Shusett (Screen Story)
And of course those who created the Aliens and Predator get credit too.

The big screen fight millions have waited for since the idea and the comics ever started. The story starts out as one man’s journey to leave behind a great discovery before he dies, something he will be remembered for after he’s good and dead. Charles Weyland (Lance Henriksen) spares no expense when recruiting the best that money can buy from all walks of life, from archeologists to the best ice mountain climbing guide, all because the discovery of an ancient pyramid is found deep underground in Antarctica. In reaching the pyramid everyone seems to feel it is the find of a lifetime none of them knowing what is waiting for them on the inside. It’s Alien Vs. Predator with mankind stuck in the middle of the war.
The writing was done very well carrying over many of the features of both franchise’s success, the story leaves us cheering for the bad guy and wanting more. Paul W.S. Anderson put his personal touch into this movie as the wonderful director that he is, it keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting for the moment to see what we all want to see, when the Predator comes face to face with the Alien. And when that does happen the special effects department takes over and with stunning visual effects they get credit for many marvelous fight scenes. With a good but not perfect cast it keeps you entertained and the explanation of the link between the Alien and the Predator moves very good tying it into the story. I walked away feeling that my money was well spent.
Finding more information out about the film leads us to realize that Pre-Production has begun on AVP 2, and for one I am anticipating it’s arrival. The Brothers Strause directorial debut, with the writing talents of Shane Salerno this one looks to be a very promising sequel. The only thing now is to wait and see how this film unfolds and if it can stand up to the genres past expeditions.


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