Score: Technical: 60, Story: 45, Acting: 55, Overall Score: 53%
Written and Directed By: Michael Mann
Having directed such wonders as Heat, Ali, The Insider, and Collateral, Michael Mann is the top-notch director to film an undercover gunfight story. With an outstanding cast of Colin Farrell and Academy Award Winner Jamie Foxx, as the beloved Crockett and Tubbs, this movie had great promise from day one. The only question is what happened? This film fell short of any movie remake so far, clearly to much Vice and not nearly enough Miami. Spending most of it’s time abroad the movie hardly seems to even take place in Miami, it could have been filmed anywhere. The love story between Crockett and Li Gong’s character Isabella seemed to be force-fed to us. The one involving Tubbs was done much better than Crockett’s love interest, and the emotion between the four people seemed to be all but clichéd. As for the gunfight sequences, he tried to hard to make it real and gritty, bouncing back and forth from a movie style filming back to a cops documentary style of filming, to much effort went into this. The only thing to me that stands out is Farrell and Foxx’s ability to make the drug dealings look real and authentic, this part was done very well, but it takes more than one aspect of a film to make it worth while. Of this, the entire movie fell short of its namesake. I only hope that Michael Mann’s next film brings him back into the limelight even thou this one will make the millions more than it already has.

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