Directed By: Larry Cohen

Written By: David J. Schow
Score: Technical: 85, Story: 85, Acting: 90, Overall: 87%
A young and beautiful recently divorced female traveler is making her way thru what seems to be upstate New York (Never Specified) when her bus breaks down in the damnedest of places. The middle of nowhere is where the bus stands its travelers, the only problem is not one stranger but two and both of them seem to be battling for the area that is there home turf. Two serial killers killing those around them and fighting with one another for the right to make the turf their own, will the young woman be able to survive the killer and if she can get away from one will she be able to make it past the other.

Roger Moore’s movie scale gives this one Three Skipped Beats, it didn’t make my heart stop but it sure as hell made it flutter a lot. Larry Cohen gives us a vision of why he is one of the Masters that belongs on this series. With twists and turns around every corner you never know where the story is going to take you. A wonderful performance is given by Michael Moriarty of Law and Order fame and also bringing up the cast is the beautiful and talented Fairuza Balk of The Craft and many more delightful films. The cast and crew help deliver this one to a level all it’s own, it truly is done by a Master of Horror. I have not been able to find this one on DVD for sale anywhere but it is available at your local video store. As always be afraid, be very afraid.

Masters of Horror: Larry Cohen - Pick Me Up
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