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MOH: Sick Girl- Review By: Roger Moore


MOH: Sick Girl- Review By: Roger Moore

Directed By: Lucky McKee

Written By: Sean Hood & Lucky McKee
Score: Technical: 80, Story: 80, Acting: 75, Overall Score: 78%
Ms. Ida Teeter an introvert entomologist receives a strange package from Brazil, inside the package a strange and mysterious beetle dwells. As it gets loose it bites Ida’s newly acquired lesbian lover Misty who begins to change and slowly transform into an insect herself, it then hides and roams the apartment building which the two stay until Ida realizes what has happened. Will Ida fall prey to the same fate as her lover or will she make her way out fully intact.

Lucky McKee only makes Roger Moore’s Two Skipped beats, it’s not the greatest but it is far from the bottom of the barrel. As McKee is like a fine wine, in the sense that he gets better with age and he is an acquired taste, he does deliver on entertaining with the best of the Masters in this series. With his returning work with actress Angela Bettis the two do have the ability to make your skin crawl that is for sure. As always be afraid, be very afraid, as there are more Masters of Horror to come.

Masters of Horror: Lucky McKee - Sick Girl
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