This review is for fans of the Jackass Generation Only:

I am not even scoring this film as I personally am writing this fully unscripted and without the aide of any computer writing program this is the real me, just like the film made with real life Jackass’ and Bulls lots and lots of bulls. This is short and sweet and i don’t want to give anything about the film away other than it is gay really freakin gay. Personally to tell the truth i haven’t laughed so hard and wanted to throw up so much during a movie as I did only a few minutes ago, ever not even during the first movie it was absolutely astonishing the lengths these guys go to, i loved every minute of this film and let me tell you this…my balls really seemed to hurt afterwards. i don’t know if it was from the movie or from needing to pee so badly but damn my chest hurt from laughiing so hard. watch it and enjoy. This is a Heart stopper on the Roger Moore movie scale and will be making it’s way into my collection asap. Be afraid, be very afraid. especially if your a parent :)

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