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Scanners- Review By: Roger Moore


Scanners- Review By: Roger Moore

Directed By: David Cronenberg

Written By: David Cronenberg

Score: Technical: 80, Story: 85, Acting: 80, Overall Score: 82%

Revok is the most powerful of all scanners and is the leader of the underground scanner movement trying to take control of the world in a conquest for full domination. Scanners have a great gift of a miraculous psychic power, strong enough to control the minds of others being able to inflict enormous pain and damage on their victims. Revok has set out to either recruit or kill all scanner’s he is able to find and come into contact with. But Dr. Ruth finds a scanner that Revok has not been able to come into contact with, and converts him for his cause to help destroy the underground movement and save the world.

Scanners for me was an instant classic and happily receives Three Skipped Beats on the Roger Moore movie scale. David Cronenberg has done for horror movies what George Lucas did for Sci-Fi, the Baron of Blood as he is dubbed has created an excellent display of Science Fiction and Horror bringing the two together in this delightful film. I love Scanners and it will always hold a special place in my still beating heart, until the day it is removed. As always be afraid, be very afraid.

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