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Third Society- Review By: Roger Moore


Third Society- Review By: Roger Moore

Not Worthy of a Monster Head, not even one.

Directed By: J.A. Steel

Written By: J. A. Steel

Score: Technical: 25, Story: 30, Acting: 20, Overall Score: 25%

After witnessing her federal agent parents being murdered by a drug kingpin The Dragon, Agent Jones is hidden away in Thailand by the United States government. While there she learns Muay Thai kickboxing before returning home to the United States and joining the LAPD. Still hungering for revenge of her parent’s death, she vows to hunt down the Dragon and put the drug smuggling operation out of business once and for all.

I know it sounds good and interesting that’s what I thought too, but on the Roger Moore scale of movies this one doesn’t even rank in. As always be afraid, be very afraid, and if you watch this movie you should be so afraid that you should have your head examined.


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