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Five People You Meet in Heaven- Movie Review


Five People You Meet in Heaven- Movie Review

Score: Technical: 100, Acting: 100, Story: 100, Overall Score: 100%

Based on the New York Times #1 best seller by Author Mitch Albom

Starring an award winning cast:
Jon voight, Ellen Burstyn, Jeff Daniels, Dagmara Dominczyk and Michael

Director Lloyd Kramer brings the pages of the book to life on film.

Take a journey through the life of Eddie, A maintenance man at Ruby Pier
Amusement Park.

The journey you will take with Eddie through his life is a result of his
death. Why has he remained in the place he has grown to both love and hate
for so many years? Why now matter how hard he has tried….still remains at
Ruby Pier?

What makes this old man’s life such a mystery?
What has happened to those he loved and still loves?
Why….has this poor man had to grow old this way? alone, sad,
forgotten…..or is he?

Travel through time and take a peek inside the life and death of Eddie the
maintenance man. Discover the mystery of his life through his after life.
Explore his childhood, his fears, his nightmares, his highs and lows, his
heart and soul.

As you watch this film you will find yourself right along side this kind
man, As he pieces together the pieces of the questioning puzzle that formed
the picture of his life and what was meant and destined to become of it.

Eddie Discovers what the ultimate purpose is for the chain of events that
occurred throughout his time on Earth.
Perhaps Eddie was right. Maybe he was a failure.
Perhaps not.

In the after life Eddie discovers why things are the way they are. Why
certain things happen. And What really matters during our time in this
world. Discovering more and more about himself and others in the afterlife.

A tear jerker? Yes….better grab yourself a box of tissues.   This film is
a story within many stories. It shows us how certain events in our lives
come to be, and how those  events affect not only our lives but other
peoples lives as well.

Well written by a brilliant Author. Made a reality on film by a talented,
devoted director….Lloyd Kramer.

I personally give this film all five stars, as it deserves them all. A
great story, an award winning cast, beautiful visual fx. A brilliant,
compelling, work of art that will touch your soul.
A film that could easily turn a non believer in to a believer.

What is the key to unlocking the mystery of our after life? Does the after
life really exist?

Watch this film and then ask yourself the same question. What is my purpose
here on Earth? What really matters in life?   Eddie asked himself the same
questions…..the answers, the truth was a world of discovery for him.
those very questions were answered in his afterlife.

Review by: Stacey R. Griffith

Endless Dark Productions

The Five People You Meet in Heaven

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