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Hard Candy- Movie Review


Hard Candy- Movie Review

Directed By: David Slade

Written By: Brian Nelson

Score: Technical: 80, Acting: 80, Story: 80, Overall Score: 80%

A strange young 14-year-old girl finds herself victim to what seems to be a pedophile, having been prayed on from the Internet she goes with him to his home only to try and expose his evil ways. With in the walls of his home she finds more than either of them bargained for.

For Director David Slade’s first film it was a very strong. Technically the film was exquisite and done with the utmost care and technique. ‘Hard Candy’ was a great thriller and was quite frankly disturbing to watch at points.

‘Hard Candy’ receives three skipped beats on the Roger Moore movie scale, It was a unique film that definitely stands out. Check it out, its worth the rent! As always, be afraid, be very afraid.

Hard Candy

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