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Wild Hogs- Movie Review


Wild Hogs- Movie Review

Directed By: Walt Becker

Written By: Brad Copeland

Score: Technical: 70, Acting: 85, Story: 80, Overall Score: 80%

The story of four middle age men who have grown tired of their lives and need to be set free. These four friends set out on a motorcycle cross-country trip from Cincinnati to the west coast, where anything and everything can go wrong.

Technically there was nothing spectacular about this film; don’t get me wrong it was filmed very well but nothing too wonderful. To me “Wild Hogs” is a story driven piece and the story was put together very well. The film also has an abundance of Star power, with Allen, Travolta, Lawrence and Macy delivering wonderful performances.

Receiving Three Skipped Beats on the Roger Moore movie scale, this film made me laugh. This movie will finds its way into my collection, I have to say it was definitely worth the price of admission.

Wild Hogs

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