Directed By: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo Written By: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, Rowan Joffe, Jesús Olmo, and Enrique López Lavigne

Score: Technical: 85, Acting: 85, Story: 85, Overall Score: 85%

The Rage Virus has made its way through London infecting all of those who come into contact with it, turning all of those infected into mindless yet very dangerous and violent zombies. Upon containing the virus six months after the initial infection the United States has stepped in and help contain the infection and after setting up a quarantined area they begin to let London’s citizens back into the country. An infected woman manages to make her way into the country and the virus is unleashed once again, sending all of London into a frantic state.

Technically this film was done with style and finesse; it stands alone in a world of non-original films. The camera angles were amazing but there were parts where it did get to be a little much when the camera point of view changed from a third person point of view to a first person from the zombies point of view, it was a little wobbly for my tastes but I managed to make it through the movie with out getting sick.

One the Roger Moore movie scale, this one happily is given Three Skipped Beats cause I absolutely love this movie. I’m even going to go a step higher and say that I thought it was better than the original and that as a movie it stands alone not just as a sequel. I will recommend this movie to anyone who is a true horror fan or anyone that just plain likes movies that are well done cause this my friends is one of those pictures, a damn good one.