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Gravedancers- Movie Review


Gravedancers- Movie Review

The Gravedancers

Director: Mike Mendez Written by: Brad Keene amd Chris Skinner

Score: Technical: 70, Acting: 73, Story: 75, Overall Score: 73%

Evil spirits return from the dead, when a group of friends decide to cut loose in the graveyard after a night of drinking in wake of a recently deceased colleague.

The simple ghost story is slow to take off. However, it blends a variety of common fear seeking approaches, as the incorporeal and corporeal forms of the three spirits seek their vengeance, and ultimately it becomes a real adrenaline tickler.

The only major downside to this one was the computer graphics, which lacked realism in a few key spots. Yet, for a movie that went straight to DVD, it is among the best in its league.

Not the Sixth Sense, nor Thirteenth Ghost, nevertheless, it was hair-raising.

For best results, watch it alone, and in the dead of night.


The ‘slam-dunk’ ending ruined this one; it would have been better to just have everyone die.

Or maybe just the ‘European’ guy played by Tcheky Karyo, could have survived, either way terrible ending.

The Gravedancers - After Dark Horrorfest

Reviewed By:Nicholas Martin

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