Directed By: Rob Schmidt

Written By: John Esposito

Score: Technical: 70, Acting: 60, Story: 70, Overall Score: 67%

When a man and woman whose marriage is on the rocks are involved in a horrendous car accident leaving the woman horribly burned and clinging on for dear life, all the while her husband is left unharmed. As Abby the badly burnt wife dangles on the edge of life and death she flat lines night after night and her spirit is set free for those moments that she is dead. While free Abby tortures her husband and all those whom wish to make a profit off of her death, how will this one end there’s only one way to find out.

The acting in this episode of Masters of Horror wasn’t the greatest but overall the episode was shot nicely by the Wrong Turn director whom has the talent to make a bright and shining future, the CGI work on this episode was done very well and the ideas behind the episode were also good.

Receiving Two Skipped Beats on the Roger Moore movie scale Right to Die brings forward a lot of things that have been going on with our country in the past year or so but most definitely strikes a down not with the whole Right to Die issue. Overall this episode was a little disappointing but still a good one nonetheless, I’m not sad that I put it into my collection will it make the cut on your list?

Masters of Horror - Right to Die

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