I’ve never seen the original Terror Toons, but I know about it and have watched the trailer for it several times in the past. I swear I’ll see it one day. But this review is about the sequel, Terror Toons 2. Was Terror Toons 2 everything a cheesy B-movie should be? Yes.

The subtitle of the film is “The Sick and Silly Show” and that’s exactly what this film is. Terror Toons 2 is the craziest, goriest and most far out B-movie I’ve seen in years. What it lacks in overall budget, it makes up in imagination. That’s all thanks to Writer/Director Joe Castro, who shows you can create some truly whacked out and creative shit without much money. This gives hope to wannabe filmmakers like myself. The idea of a killer cartoon version of Hansel and Gretel is good stuff and many sequences of the energized killer duo had this B-movie fan smiling. The acting is bad, but it fits the nature of the film, the gore is sick and silly, with some truly creative death sequences (love the clown’s death) and the pace is fast, with the film only lasting 75 minutes. You should never be bored. I also dig the cheap but pretty damn neat visuals of the film. The movie feels and acts like a freaking cartoon and I really grooved to that. This is some truly fun cheese here, folks and if you like Troma, then you’ll have a heart attack over Terror Toons 2! It’s like Joe Dante’s segment of the Twilight Zone movie, but with Peter Jackson at the helm instead.

Every actor gives a bad performance, but it fits perfectly with the film. Rest in Peace Stuart Billard (Damien).

Joe Castro’s directing is an overall solid effort. The cartoony stuff is a visual feast and Castro does wonders with his low budget by putting out some crazy and creative shit. Good Job!

We get a typical cartoony music score. It works!

You want sick and silly gore? Terror Toons 2 delivers. Bashed in heads, cut open throats, exploding hearts, brains plungered out and more. Cheap n’ Nasty, the way I like it.

We do get some brief male nudity, but sadly no female nudity.

Anything I didn’t like about Terror Toons 2? The finale didn’t tickle my pickle like I wanted, but it was still good enough. The pre-terror toons Hansel and Gretel scenes were also embarrassingly bad, but thankfully they don’t last long.

In the end, Terror Toons 2 is fun cheese. It’s not for everyone, especially movie snobs (who I despise). It’s not great, but it’s one of the most entertaining B-movies I’ve seen in awhile. Like cheese with your horror? Dig in! Mr. Cheese out.

By: Johnathan Knight

Terror Toons 2

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