Its contest time again, and this one is really cool! Sign up for the Buried Alive Sweepstakes. On October 31st, one grand prize winner gets to win a Coffin Guitar Case filled with Horror DVD’s.


How to Enter:

There are two ways you may enter: over the Internet (the “Internet Method”) or through the mail (the “Mail Method”). Entries are subject to the Internet Provisions section of the General Rules listed below:

A. Internet Method: To enter over the Internet, access the Gorilla Nation site at Your computer must accept cookies, which Gorilla Nation or their partners may use to track the entry. You must complete the registration form on the Web site by filling in all requested information. You must follow instructions for entry on the Web site page that provides the registration form. Unless otherwise stated on our Web site, any other attempt at Internet or e-mail entry is void. You may not exceed a maximum of one (1) entry (you may submit as many cravings as you like, but only one per person will be considered for posting). Any duplicate entries (from the same user with a different or multiple email addresses) could result in disqualification from participating in the sweepstakes. Neither Gorilla Nation or their partners assume any responsibility for any computer, telephone, cable, network, satellite, electronic or Internet hardware or software malfunctions, failures, connections, availability or garbled transmissions, or for any service provider, Internet, Web site or use net accessibility or availability, traffic congestion or unauthorized human intervention.

B. Mail-in Method: To enter by mail, hand print in ink on a 3″ x 5″ card your full name, complete home address and zip code, home telephone number and area code, month and year of birth, gender and e-mail address (if any). Mail this completed card in a first-class stamped envelope to: Gorilla Nation Contests/Sweepstakes, 12910 Culver Blvd Ste. F., Los Angeles, CA 90066. No metered mail will be accepted. No copies, facsimiles or mechanical reproductions will be accepted. Neither Gorilla Nation or their partners assume any responsibility for lost, late, incomplete, stolen, misdirected, illegible or postage due entries or mail.

Winner(s) Selection and Notification:

DRAWING – All winners will be selected by random drawing at the end of the Promotional Period, from all eligible entries received. Winners will be notified by e-mail, telephone, overnight carrier or regular mail within approximately seven (7) days after the drawing. Drawings will be conducted under the supervision of Gorilla Nation. In the event of disqualification, alternate winners will be selected by random drawing within thirty (30) days after such disqualification. Any alternate winner will be notified in the same manner, and within the same time period, as described above.

HURRY, This contest ends on 10/31.

For the complete contest rules, CLICK HERE.

Buried Alive Sweepstakes Contest Pic

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