Here’s a walkthrough for the latest Escape The Room Game “Escape The Scarlet Room”.

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1. Look at the bed and painting, grab the key that is on the bottom bookshelf by the blue book.

2. Click on the upper left corner of the painting until another key drops out.

3. Take a piece of paper from under the bed.

4. Look at the television, click the note on the right hand side of the lamp on the ceiling.

5. Look at the window and grab a piece of paper from the trash can.can.

6. Open both drawers by the door, take out the soccer shirt from the upper drawer.

To Collect The Code For The Safe: The codes are different and change each time you mess up. The shapes from the garbage can will tell you what order to put the numbers in. The Square is found on the television, the circle is found on the back side of the soccer shirt, the X is found on the painting. The triangle with the point up is found by adding all of the yellow door knows all around the room, subtracting 2 which is the number of key locks. The answer is either 5 or 9.

The triangle with the point down can be found by changing the time on the clock to 11:35 from the ripped page in the book, then turn off the lights and look at the red carpet. The flying ball around outside the window will draw a number after the equals sign that is lit up. Use the code on the safe under the television and take the scissors.

Here’s how you get out of the room:

Click the pouch with the combo lock on it, then drag the scissors over to the white bit on the top of the pouch to cut the top.

Open the Nintendo DS and take the stylus.

Slip the piece of paper under the door jam, after the sound take the paper back and then cut it with the scissors. Put the cut paper under the door.

Take the ripped dolly paper back out and put it under the door, then use the stylus in the key hole to drop the key. Use the key on the door. Sounds easy?… Your out.

Here’s a video walkthrough courtesy of Hoaxcrank.

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21 thoughts on “CHEATS: ESCAPE THE SCARLET ROOM walkthrough”
  1. i can never cut the dolls! i pushed the paper through, pushed the stylus through the keyhole for the message, but then as i run the scissors over the paper, nothing happens!! I can’t figure out what i’m doing wrong!

  2. I had the same problem as Claire – the paper will not cut with the scissors after I slide it under the door. It just says,
    “I’ll not cut the paper with the scissors, etc…”

  3. You have to put the paper under the door, but where the key hole is, it will spit it back out to you, then you cut it. Make the dolls and place them under the door. They will come back, put them under again. Stick the stylus through the key hole.

    You also might try sticking the paper under the door and putting the stylus in the keyhole at the same time.

  4. don’t play this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i gave up!it is way to i r we supose to figure out how to get to the x and wat the number the little balls shadow is making out

  5. I struggled with cutting the paper too! The thing to do is to aim the stylus at the keyhole when you slide the paper under. Then when you pick up the paper afterwards, it’s easy to cut it. Good luck!;)

  6. Am I the only one who sees this scary looking thing out of the window? It scared the crap out of me, does somebody know how that thing shows up? Because not a single walkthrough-video has it.

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