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Here’s the walkthrough so far.

– Make a note of the thermostat, the guard and the magnet on the cell bars.

– Look right, pick up the pillow.

– Click the upper right hand corner of the bed and see the hole. Click a few times on it to break it, try to read the note. There is a spoon.

– Look right again and pick up the glue and tape from under the table.

– Knock over the fire extinguisher by clicking on it.

– Air out the room by clicking on the handle of the fan.

– Pick up the wrench.

– Get back to the cell bar view and take the magnet off the bars.

– Look left to the basket ball courts, use the magnet on the upper left corner of the court and get the paper and shavings.

– Get the baseball on the far right, you’ll see it where the weeds end.

– Click on the top white line of the basketball court and grab the rope.

– Take the stick from the lower right side of the court.

– Go back to the spoon and hole in the wall, and use the glue tube on it. Then use the paper and black shavings on it. You now have a file.

– Look at the fan, the go and adjust the temperature on the wall to the coldest setting, use the stick.

– Make sure the guard is no longer walking by.

– Click on the right hand side of the toilet to view the screw, use the wrench and undo the bolt. Go back to the front view of the toilet.

– Click the lower left hand side of the toilet to move it under your window.

– Use the tape on the window then break it with the basketball.

– Use the files on the bars.

– Tie the rope to the bars facing the thermostat.

– Use the pillow on the wall and your out!!!

Comment below if you have any problems with the walkthrough.

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