Ice Escape Walkthrough
Ice Escape Walkthrough

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This one is a bit incomplete, but here’s what he have so far. I’ll be making changes as we get through the game. Please feel free to comment below.

In the first room:

1. Go to the tool box and grab the screwdriver and the gloves, leave the mints for the moment.
2. Movie the table to below the vent and unscrew the 3 screws.
3. Go back and eat the mints, then unscrew the last screw. Crawl into the next room.

In the second room:

1. Go to the garbage can and grab the wire cutters and the hat.
2. Go to the radio and open it, then use the screw driver on the two screws. Grab the battery.
3. Go to the Plate by the door that says “Do Not Remove” and remove the screwdriver and cut the wires.
4. Eat the mint by the vent opening and eat the pie in the oven.
5. Go back to electrical box and put the batteries in.

In the third room:

1. Get the coat from above the corpse
2. Eat the mint

In the fourth room:

1. Eat the mint.

In the fifth room:

1. Nothing here.

In the 6th room:

1. Grab the pry bar…use it to bust the window on the left door and find the tape, the mint and the pie..
then use pry bar to left manhole cover and go.

In the 7th room:

1. Eat the mint and grab the wheel to right.

In the 8th room:

1. Try to match the numbers quickly on the safe, grab the gun and the fuse.
2. Go to the storage and grab the fuse under the box and the another mint.
3. Go to the generator and solve. Turn the small switch on left wall. Use the key from your inventory to open fuse box and do puzzle. will take some practice but just make sure that each circuit is complete with no extra connections. The lights will turn green.
5. Use the key from your inventory to open the box and match up pieces.
6. Turn on the generator, moving the switch to the right. Figure out the password on the computer and close the top drawer, you will find a book and the infor on the front. Username: Ozzy and password 3dgr.
7. Go to the next room and exit through the window, there is a short clip then you will see an alien. Shoot him with the gun.

Thats it for now, please feel free to correct and comment below.

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  1. i cant finish the fuse connection i can get all green lights besids the last light which is the blue line

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