Genius Products has recently released the DVD artwork and details from the upcoming horror film “The Hive” by director Peter Manus.

Synopsis: The ninth installment in the “Maneater Series,” The Hive unleashes a mass of flesh-eating army ants-200 million strong-is making its way through the jungles of Brazil devouring every living thing in its path. Called in to stave off the attack is Horace Lennart, a scientist from Thorax Industries extermination service in Los Angeles, and his girlfriend, entomologist Claire Dubois. But when they discover the bizarre intention and origins of the crawling creatures, they fear for the future of the planet. When these ants come crawling, classic horror gets a contemporary twist—and an unearthly invasion gets the upper hand.

Street Date: August 5, 2008

Actors: Tom Wopat, Kal Weber

Director: Peter Manus

Writer: T.S. Cook

Producer: Robert Halmi Jr., Robert Halmi Sr., Charles Salmon

Genre: Thriller

Runtime: 88
Languages: English
Screen Format: WS
US Rating: NR

– The 9th title in the Genius-branded “Maneater Series”!
– First Time on DVD!
– Position as theatrical thriller movie (ie: Prey, Primeval) Key Art strategy: Similar to the most well-known shark movie: JAWS
– Includes “Maneater Series” Line Look O-Ring

The Hive DVD Artwork

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