Director of Photography Jose Zambrano Cassella sent us some brand new stills from his upcoming horror film “The Tenant” by director Ric La Monte and starring J La Rose ( Saw III , Saw IV), Michael Berryman, ( The Hills Have Eyes, X Files, Devil’s Rejects ), Bill Cobbs ( Night at the Museum, The Ultimate Gift ), Randy Molnar ( Larry The Cable Guy Health Inspector, Contract Killers, This Man’s Life ), Aerica D’Amaro ( Steam, Misconceptions, Road Trip ), John Kyle ( Black Water, The Woods Have Eyes ), Georgia Chris ( 100 Tears, Black Water ) Sylvia Boykin ( Recount ), Justin Smith ( As The World Turns ), Ashley Totin ( All My Children ), Jenn Sturger ( Maxim Top Twenty and Playboy Model ), and Miss Germany Miss Universe 2006 Natalie Ackermann.

Synopsis: The Tenant has all the required blood, gore, deaths cheesecake and beefcake, while incorporating a sophisticated and terrifying story line. The movie is also filled with nerve-racking tension, intense fear, shocking turns, exciting character development, and a never done before particularly effective special effects shot. Presented through stunning High Definition cinematography (CineAlta Cameras with Panavision prime lenses), complimented by a strong, powerful, and hypnotizing sound track in surround sound, with intertwining musical interludes and disturbing sound effects. An astonishing twist, coupled with a chilling surprise at the conclusion, serve to position the movie for a franchise sequel.

Post production is scheduled for the following 4-5 months and the movie is targeted for a locked picture later this year (2008), or early in 2009.

The Tenant Michael Berryman

The Tenant Movie Still

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2 thoughts on “STILLS: The Tenant Movie Stills Featuring Michael Berryman”
  1. What the heck kind of “synopsis” is that? It didn’t tell me *anything* at all about what the movie’s about. Not that I need or even want to know much. In fact, something as basic as “it’s about an apartment complex with a new tenant the others don’t know about” would be fine. That’s just a guess, BTW. (But if it’s a remake of the Roman Polanski film, let me know.) But what was written above was in no way a synopsis. Anyhoo…

  2. Soon to be released ! THE TENANT

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