got their grubby little hands on a couple of brand new photos from the upcoming film “Dragonball” by director James Wong (Final Destination 3) and starring Justin Chatwin (S. Darko), Ernie Hudson (Ghost Busters) and Yun-Fat Chow (The Red Circle).

Synopsis: James Wong adapts the rich mythos of the Dragonball series that grew from a manga into various popular animated series with this 20th Century Fox production starring Justin Chatwin. The plot revolves around Goku (Chatwin), Earth’s greatest champion, who must defend the planet against an invading race of alien warriors hell-bent on dominating the universe. Wong directs from his own script, with Kung Fu Hustle’s Stephen Chow producing. Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s James Marsters co-stars as the film’s villain, Piccolo, with Jamie Chung playing Chi Chi and Emmy Rossum portraying Bulma. Hong Kong legend Chow Yun-Fat rounds out the cast as Master Roshi, Goku’s mentor in the film. – Jeremy Wheeler, All Movie Guide

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Dragonball Movie Still Goku

Dragonball Movie Still Chi-Chi

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24 thoughts on “New Dragonball Z Live Action Movie Stills”
  1. This is gona be a fuckin shit DB movie its gona make the whole series look like shit. There cutting out a ton of scenes from the show so fuck it i wouldn’t pay 2 cents to watch that shit fuck em….

  2. actually this is how he is supposed to look in the dragonball series goku was from the ages of 14-18 and the wasn’t buff. i feel this movie is probably going to be dumb, but i know that along with the rest of you who are bashing it, i am still going to see it anyway. for old times sake

  3. the guy playing goku’s a fag n here’s hopin he doesnt continue in the sequels, piccolo av got high hopes for, the CGI av got high hopes for but regardless if both of those get 10/10 this movie will be the worst abomanation ever to sport the name “dragonball” it has goku at high school which any fan of the show will know he did not attend any schooling – he trained all his life hence the reason he is, to quote LEX, ‘superbuff’ – this has potentially ruined dbz for all those who never got a chance to appreciate it :(

  4. I hope this will be good.
    Based on the pictures and cast i think it is going to be a big flop totaly dragging the amazing Dragonball series through the mud.

    The cast is pathetic Justin “Skinny boy” Chatwin as Goku and and James Marsters(the puffter that plays spike in buffy) as Piccolo makes no sense whatsoever.

    Also i hate gokus hair in that picture it looks like a crappy advert for gell fad crap.

  5. It’s an interpretaion. that’s what films are. no one said a thing about it being a remake. it’s a film adaptation, which means it can’t be the same. I like dragonball as much as the next fan, but you can’t bash a movie based on your own desire to just see the series remade. That said it’s probably not gonna be that good. I’m curious to see it however, mostly ’cause James Marsters will knock Piccolo outta the fucking park i bet.

  6. I saw a breif clip of one of the fight scenes. I must say, needs more work. The effects are all wrong, when someone gets hit into a rock wall we expect more than a small jut of smoke, we expect cracks, large holes and lots of rubble flying. Even hand to hand scenes needs to be epic, surrounding needs to break apart, dust being stirred, louder music. Ki blasts need to be felt, LOUD explosions, mega moutains dissappearing. One last thing about getting hit into a wall- expect to be covered in boulders, not laying on the surface (movie foam rocks). With a 100 million budget they NEED to overexagerate epicness. Cuts and injuries are also missing, odd. They got about 100 days, they better watch some of brolly awakening and buu sega, then fix these problems.

  7. if thats true, the fighting in the anime is going to be more realistic than a live-action movie, which is like incredibly stupid. only thing i look forward to would be James Marsters as Piccolo, not gonna be exactly the same as the anime Piccolo, but James Marsters loves DB and usually delivers top-notch so he’ll probably be the only pro about it, just hope the writers can come up with better lines than their story cos…..

  8. Firstly the actor who’s playin Goku needs to bulk up his muscles to make it look like he can actually withstand some punches but not like this, and the hair is absolutely improper goku never use to look so different, by the looks i think this movie is gonna be a big flop but i’ll still watch it cuz i’m a dbz fan from a long time and even today sometimes i watch it on tv, really they shouldn’t have removed Krillin and Tien who were the turning point in DB/DBZ, kinna stupid to see these guys overwriting the epic story into a trash.

  9. As my name states, you are all dumb, this is Dragonball, not dragonball Z, goku is only like 8 in dragonball, hes not suppose to be all huge and buffed. You apparently all fail as fans and are crying over the wrong things. Goku didnt get all buff till Dragonball Z when he is older. As for the dude complaining about the fight scene. I suggest you go and watch the Dragonball shows again, because they are nothing like the brolly move and the buu saga, their powers werent anything like that, its prolly perfect for their level of power. Again you all fail for thinking this is Dragonball Z when its really Dragonball. Good day.

  10. The director writes his own script, and basically,
    ignores the real fucking plot.
    It sucks.. I heard that in the script, Goku is in high school..
    wtf? high school? they gotta be kiddin me.
    db and dbz used to be my favorite shows when I was a little kid,
    and this movie pissed me off man..
    and besides, I know it’s probably kinda hard to find
    a guy who’s looks will be similar to an animated character.
    but I’m 100% sure they could find someone who looks much more like goku.
    this actor looks like a death metal freak fag or something..

  11. Of course the script is going to be re-written… you think they’re going to use the cartoon’s script in a movie version?

    Regarding the plot change; You’re talking about a plot established throughout tens of hours of show time, this film will be the length of only several and if the movie flops, no more films. I for one have been waiting for a movie version of the cartoon for a long time, this is its one and only shot at a serious film adaptation and if it doesn’t cut the mustard I feel the entire series will be left to stagnate, (exception of the video games) perhaps forever.

  12. I would just like to say that this movie maybe the most horrible thing ever made. I feel as though if their not going to do the fuggin movie right dont do da shit at all. I grew up watching dragon ball and dragon ball z this shit is nothing like neither one of them. the funny thing is that im talking shit now but im still going to watch the movie…..illegally.

  13. I just want to throw my 2 cents in. People, you need to realize that this is a movie based on an anime! That alone means it’s not going to be some great movie. While I admit that I have very low expectations of this and wish they would have skipped DB and just done a DBZ movie complete with Vegeta, I think people need to relax. At least there’s going to be a NEW Dragonball. And seriously, can you idjits stop calling the movie and Justin Chatwin “gay”? That is so immature, what are you, fuckin’ 8!?

  14. Who the fuck thought in their minds that they could make a dbz movie and it be as shity as this, even if you were to make a dbz movie it would have to be cgi. But this bull shit, fuck after i’ve seen some of the scenes and shit i just wanted to visit some of these blogs to fucking rip on the fuck ass director who couldn’t have even read the original comics or watch the tv series.

    And can you BELIEVE Shonen Jump is sponsoring this shit! Its a travesty to all real dbz fans!!

    So Fuck this! You wont get shit from me this movie could shit on itself for all I’m concerned!

  15. As a huge fan of DB and DBZ I will watch thed movie out of support for the anime that I love so much. I know that the story line is different but the movie was produced by Akira Toriyama and that Alone makes me want to watch it. I probably will be disappointed but I can’t wait to see some of the characters I’ve always watched come to life even if the story doesn’t make sense to me

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