Australian filmmaker George Miller recently told a Sydney-based morning talk show that he is no longer affiliated with the long-rumored and supposedly in-production “Justice League” movie. The gears working for this latest attempt at an adaptation of DC Comic’s “Justice League” comic franchise have been moving since February of 2007, when Miller was initially attached to the project, and Warner Bros. had Kieran and Michele Mulroney attached to write a script.

Miller himself would not confirm exactly why, but other sources have indicated that studio heads wanted the movie cast with more prominent big-name stars, as opposed to a popular trend in superhero comic movies these days that favors using unknown actors. Combined with no new director announced, and the massive success of this past summer’s Batman movie “The Dark Knight”, starring Christian Bale and Heath Ledger as Batman and the Joker respectively causing Warner and DC to “rethink” their movie adaptations, the Justice League movie has been apparently shelved.

First appearing in 1960, the Justice League, also known as The Justice League of America and the JLA, is a fictional DC Comics superhero team that has been a part of the DC universe since its introduction in “The Brave And The Bold” issue #28. It is generally seen as the major superhero team of DC, usually consisting of their flagship characters of Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, as well as other well-known DC characters such as the Flash, Green Lantern, and Aquaman. It has had several incarnations and spinoffs through the years, with volume 2 of “Justice League of America” recently finishing its run this past October and an upcoming new “Justice League” title in the works.

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