Here’s the complete walkthrough for the point-and-click puzzle game “Cannibal Escape”.

1. Key for casket is at the shelf, click around books.

2. Mix both liquid together.

3. Use the skeleton hand on top of the stone.

4. Click on the back right leg of the table to move it.

5. Click on the thing above the window and get bottle and wire.

6. Use wire and stick to get hook.

7. Use hook on the lever on the ground and get a cork, click the hole again to rise up the shrine.

8. Click shrine once and put the shield on top of it.

9. Put the sword on top of shield to get skull.

10. Use potion of hades on skeleton hand to get flesh hand.

11. Put hand to skeleton on the wall and put the head on hand.

12. Combine cork and fuse and use that to combine with mixed potion.

13. Use the lit bottle and bomb the bookshelf.

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