Here’s a few new set pics featuring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson on the set of the upcoming “Twilight” Sequel entitled The Twilight Saga: New Moon which has begun shooting in Vancouver. “New Moon” stars Robert Pattinson (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix), Nikki Reed (K-11), Ashley Greene (Skateland), Jackson Rathbone (S. Darko) Dakota Fanning and Kellan Lutz.

Film Synopsis: After Bella recovers from the vampire attack that almost claimed her life, she looks to celebrate her birthday with Edward and his family. However, a minor accident during the festivities results in Bella’s blood being shed, a sight that proves too intense for the Cullens, who decide to leave the town of Forks, Washington for Bella and Edward’s sake. Initially heartbroken, Bella finds a form of comfort in reckless living, as well as an even-closer friendship with Jacob Black. Danger in different forms awaits.

Stay tuned to for the latest from New Moon.

New Moon Kristen Set Pic
New Moon Kristen Set Pic
New Moon Robert Set Pic
New Moon Robert Set Pic

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154 thoughts on “New Moon Set Pics Hit The Net”
  1. doesn’t it bother anyone that they are smoking so much? every single picture is of them smoking. not hot when you think about what their breath smells like

  2. I don’t mind them smoking – why would it be different compared to “normal” people? I mean, it’s their lungs… okay, sure, they might destroy several rain forests with that toxic stuff, but mwehh – apocalypse is bound to happen anyway.

  3. I agree with Audrey all the pics i’ve seen of them they are smoking. It’s absolutly disgusting. Robert is definitly hot but the smoking needs to stop… same with Kristen.

  4. Im so glad im not the only one that is a little bothered by the amount of smoking in the pictures… I mean great if thats what you want to do but to have so many posted of just smoking its kinda reminded me of a tabacco pictures.

  5. I don’t think it really matters what their breath smells like it’s not like we have smell-o-vision or anything it has nothing to do with the movie at all! And if they all smoke then anytime the kiss during the movies it isn’t going to bug any of them…they will all have the same smell

  6. Damn, their voice boxes are gonna be gone and they’re gonna be speakin through little tubes by the time they’re done with Breaking Dawn.

  7. Omg they both smoke?? Disgusting…I don’t want my kids seeing that these actors they arein love with smoke…totally gives the wrong idea…put DIFFERENT pics up!

  8. Why is it that every pic they have to be smoking?! Its not very attractive either. Its so gross to see almost everyone on cast smoking except for Taylor and Ashley! As good looking as Robert is, smoking is a huge turn off :(

  9. Why does everyone care so much that they all smoke? I mean acting is stressful, if they want to enjoy a cigarette between working they should. They are all adults, it’s really none of our business what they do in their lives. All we should care about is what they do on screen. Also only in America is smoking such a taboo. Other countries aren’t no where near as strict with where you can and cant smoke, and it’s alot more acceptable.

  10. Okay so.. who cares if they smoke? I mean really, their lives are extremely hectic and stressful, and I have found that some nicotine helps relieve some stress for myself as well. It’s their lives, so stop harping on the fact that they smoke. It doesn’t affect their acting abilities. Sure, smoking ages you faster than if you didn’t and can issue all kinds of health hazards. But half of America does it, so why don’t all you people who are oh so concerned go tell all of them, too. And again, it’s their choice, so if puffing one down helps them chill out, then go for it, Rob and Kristen. True fans will still love your work.

    In response to Kristen just turning 18, America is the only country in which you must be 18 to purchase cigarettes. Her age has no effect on her maturity in her decisions or classifying her as an “adult.”

  11. Who cares if they smoke? People smoke. Everyone knows it can kill you, but then we all know we can be killed on the roads too, but we still drive.

    Get over it folks….life’s dangerous….if you want to choose which way you’ll go….well, it’s your life. Or in this case, theirs.

  12. Lol No, she doesn’t. And seriously guys, if the pair wanna smoke, stop harping about it. As someone else said, their lungs.

  13. i agree. rob is reallly hot but that smoking really isnt. i have so much health problems in my family from smoking…..its not cool. devastating. i understand that its a personal choice and all, but thats gross. who wants to kiss tar? cigarettes have over 4000 chemicals in them. including ingredients they use to make bombs. and you’re just gonna put that in you??? no thanks.

  14. EWW that’s sick! I mean it’s their lungs but can’t you put up diffrent pictures? I really don’t think people want to see them with that stuff >:(

  15. I find that disgusting that both Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart smoke. First, their ruining their lungs, teeth, lives, ect…. But second, they’re ROLE MODELS to kids. I mean seriously, it’s messed up if they think it’s only gonna affect them.
    Smoking doesn’t acually relive stress. Once your addicted, it only relives your cravings. There’s been a lot of smoking in my extended family and trust me, cancer’s not pretty. No one’s gonna feel bad for you when you get cancer for your own stupid choices.
    Ps: No, Bella dosn’t take up smoking in the book!

  16. Ok, I personally don’t smoke, but both my husband and mother do. They both started when they were young, and can’t stop. If Kristen and Rob and everyone feels that they need to smoke, it’s their choice, not ours. I agree with the person that said it’s not going to affect their acting, and true fan’s wont care one way r the other if the smoke. Let them do what they want.

  17. mmmmmm i think i’m gonna go have a smoke ha ha jesus people who cares everyone these days smokes jesus look at johnny depp chain smoker and he smokes rollie’s with no filter!

  18. I have always been against smoking and i always will be but photographers and paparazzi make their living off of taking pictures that show people at their worst so of course they are smoking in most of the pictures. They are under a lot of pressure and a hefty percentage of Americans smoke so people should really learn mind their own business. I mean how would you like it if a camera crew was following your every move?

  19. both of them are so gorgeous!
    smoking isnt even as bad as people make it out to be.
    they can do what they want.
    i smoke as well, so it doesn’t really matter.
    anyways, way to go rob and kristen.
    you guys are excellent!

  20. Okay, it is true that its their life if they want to smoke, its their choice. But why do we have to post the pics of them doing it? Its not like we don’t know what people smoking looks like, even if they are the main actors in the Twilight movies.

  21. Okay, I normally don’t comment on these things, but I think everyone here is missing a really obvious point. When you smoke, it doesn’t just affect you. That smoke you see coming out of the end of a cigarette that doesn’t get breathed in by a person? That’s going into your and thousands of other people’s lungs; people who have made conscious decisions to lead active, healthy lifestyles, yet can’t because smokers are damn selfish and don’t give a damn about anything but satisfying their own addictions. And yes, I know that its addicting, but if you knew you were harming scores of innocent people so you could enjoy yourself, wouldn’t you stop? Apparently not, if you’re an actor in Twilight. And another thing: it’s a fact proven by the American Lung Association that secondhand smoke causes 50,000 deaths each year in adult NON-SMOKERS. Sound fair to you? I didn’t think so.

  22. I think that the really cool thing is that even though eveyrone here obviously like their work, the younger ones are not going like wooah, they smoke, so it must be cool. Good on you guys, because it’s not!!!
    And hey, Edward is not supposed to age. Will Rob look the same, smoking like he does, till Breaking Dawn is filmed? Edward has to look like he’s 17 not like he’s 40!!!

  23. thank you deborah!! it is their decision, yet their choice effects not only themselves but others. it’s not attractive, it smells awful, and if you were true fans you would want them to stop so that they have a better chance of living (and acting) longer!

  24. I asolutely hate cigarettes and can not stand the smell, but it’s their life. They are normal people too. It’s not right to judge them because they smoke. At least they are outside, stay away from them if you don’t smoke. Do you really think there is somewhere they can go without someone catching it on camera? I wish they weren’t smoking too, but I don’t think it’s right to make such a big deal over it.

  25. stop ragging on them! They’re old enough to make their own decisons. I smoke and yeahh i know it can kill you but you can die from driving, but omg look we still drive. Kristen and Rob are probally really stressed and if they want a cig then thats their choice. In my opinion i think people who smoke are hot, serioulsy that pic of rob is sexy.

  26. I was surprised to see the photos. My girls & I absolutely love Rob but the smoking is bad news. I’m going to guess I’m a lot older than most of you who have commented, and being a nurse, I have to say that I hope these young, gorgeous actors quit before it’s too late!

  27. I agree that smoking is their desicion but i think they should stop because their desicions are effecting what other people think. Like younger kids for instance if they see their favorite movie star smoking they will think that smoking is the coolest thing ever. This is just what i think they can do what they like though.

  28. First of all I would just like to say that there are obviously alot more non smokers commenting on these pictures than there are smokers.. soo that being said im pretty sure that parents and teaching kids that smoking is bad has kinda paid off.. its our lungs. its our choice. just like its your choice not to smoke. dont hate. appreciate.

  29. ok,
    really nobody should really be bitching about them’s not like your around them for it to bother you.
    yea maybe it might look bad for the younger kids. They will all do it at one point. and so what if it’s bad for them? you think they dont know that?
    it’s their body. Smoking can be a very relaxing thing. Them constantly shooting and traveling is very stressful. it’s just something to calm the nerves.
    they shouldn’t be judged for it.

  30. Yea. i cant stand smoking and it distroy ur lungs. but its thier choice if the wanna do it. Robert Pattinson will always be hot to me!!!!!!!!!!! Edward (Robert) SEXI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. It’s a closed set.. the only pictures that people can get is when they are taking breaks… usually a smoke break, which is why all the pictures are of them smoking.. chill out everyone

  32. i really dislike that they smoke but not just because their “role models” because i dislike it when anybody smokes

  33. they are prob only getting smoking pic’s because they have to be outside and not next to the camera to smoke and they are not just going to let random people on set to take pic’s to leak on the internet I am sure they are just getting cought on smoke brakes


  35. Good….. I’m not the only one who is appalled by the fact that those two are smoking. I cannot believe that! I mean, I knew Kristen was a crack head, but I didn’t know Rob was! This picture is going to have people looking at them in a whole different light.

  36. Someone said if we are true fans, we wouldn’t care. But as a true fan, I do care about their health, it bothers me how young Kristen is and just think, she’s gonna be all wrinkly by the time shes 25! She’ll look like Lindsey Lohan. And that would be scary! So it’s about health and looks. And cigarettes don’t help at all they just give you a microscopic buzz so you let loose a little, but in the meantime your sucking in all sorts of disgusting poisons and chemicals. *puffs cigarette* mmmm lung cancer! makes me sad :'(

  37. I think what is really upsetting everyone is the fact that these pictures show them as regular young adults. They’re not really Bella and Edward, just normal kids who started making films and probably dont know how to handle all of it. Smoking is vulgar and affects everyone, not just the smokers. It is a big deal when someone you love dies from lung cancer and No America is not the only place where smoking is taboo. Perhaps they’ll show some nicer pictures from now on, just to stop everyone from going on about it.

  38. RE-LAX people. it’s just a cigarette. you’re all babies if you think you’re precious bella and edward don’t smoke or something. grow up.

  39. Damn. Cant belive they all smoke. Yeah its their life whatever, but seriously…how many people are in love with twilight? to see their favorite movie stars smoking…ugh gross dude. I like love Edward/ Rob but i cant help feeling dissapointed in seeing this pix. NOT COOL.
    It definetly makes him less attractive.(eew).
    NE wayz cant wait 4 New Moon…hope Edward comes out a lot even if its more about Jacob,
    cuz I LOVE HIM? but seriously quit smoking! =(

  40. Half of America smokes. 80% of English smoke. Get over it people. You don’t like it because you don’t do it. We who do smoke, don’t care what you think.

  41. Omg. They are trying to have a normal life outside of filming big deal. The press wont let them have a moment of privacy so of course you are gonna see them do things you dont like but its their decisions not everyone elses. Give them five minutes of privacy.

  42. OMG who cares if they smoke…………………i do …………….it doesnt matter……………….just because they act doesnt mean they have to change who they are………………………………..Anyway even thought rob smokes he stilllll very very……………………SEXI

  43. “Oooh nooooo! My favorite actor smokes! That’s so horrible!”

    Get real you stupid morons. Maybe Robert and Kristen don’t feel obliged to be your f-ing role models. What world do you imbeciles live in? Let me remind you that you like an actor for their ACTING and the characters they recreate, not for their personality. Hell, most actors actually lose their personality the more famous they become. Some of them don’t even know who they are. So you’ll do well to stay in the real world, where actors are in fact people.

  44. :O they can’t smoke they will die and thn there will be no bella and edward for the sequals of twilight :-(

  45. looks like only rob is smoking. kristen looks like she has a spoon in her mouth and people are smoking bside her or people edited in the smoke.

  46. you damn idiots. shut the hell up; they can smoke i they wont to. hell im sure every single one of you has tried a cig in yr life. some ppl just get hooked. dnt be mad tht they look bttr thn all yall and they smoke. jelous much? and if you got anthing to say. email me bitches!

  47. you damn idiots. shut the hell up! they can smoke if they ont to. im sure all of you have tried a cigarette in your life time. some people just gt hooked. yall are just jelous that they still look better than yall and they smoke. jelous much? if anybody has anything to say then email me bitches!

  48. honestly it shouldnt matter what they do on thier personal time. They are adults and can choose what they to do when they want to do it I absolutely agree with kelsi it seems like you might be jealous alittle bit or that you arent the ones touching thier mouths I mean damn get a life

  49. c’mon… ciggarettes are NOT that bad people. they could always be smoking worse stuff… like crack!! keep puffin’ edward and bella!!! =]

  50. will you guys give it a rest about them smoking already!! They are only humman. They cant change their lives to make you love them. Yes they smoke and No they wont stop. I dont care if they smoke as long as its only ciggarettes and not something esle. Yes I want them to stop but nobody can make them stop. Its their choose to smoke. Kelsi is right shut the Hell Up!! Its not your life you cant rule them, its their life and they want to smoke they can smoke

  51. Who cares bout smoking everybody is always gonna be diffrent so why would any1 care yea it can kill but it’z their choice to smoke or not some people dont smoke and some do does it really matter?????

  52. my opinon is that they can do wat evea the hell they want no else gives a shit about all the other people smoking in the world. hell i smoke for god sake.its none of our buissness but i want rob and kristen to go with me on this cause working alot of hours is stressfull so yea smoke away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! any way i just wanted to give my opinion to all u ass holes who thinks thats wrong i also wanted to add if u read this rob ur hott!!

  53. o wel first offf u all r so gay first off yeah smokings bad but uhhh who cares if someone smokes all my friends do and u dont see me caring know shut upp u goodygoods imm tired of them

  54. do you think they give a s**t if they start to age eairler than they would if they didnt smoke? if they did then they wouldnt be smoking right now

  55. Wow they smoke oh well.
    No one is perfect and there doing it off the set.
    I agree atleast there not smoking something worser.
    And little kids shouldnt really be watching the twilight saga… because of some of the scenes in the book. So i dont judge them. Hey Robert does look sexy there haha.

  56. It’s bad to smoke I hate it when people smoke but its their body to bad robert pattinson has a pretty good singing voice sniffle sniffle tear :'(

  57. ummm. what is with rob and smoking. half the pics i see he’s smoking. i like him a tiny bit less for that. plus kristen is smoking a big a#@ cig. that is just soooooo gross

  58. it’s a shame that they smooke. but u guys don’t have to be sad about it, cause you will never smeel his breathe so.. GET A LIFE ;)

  59. The only thing that I don’t like is Kristin smoking because she is 18. But other than that, its just like any other person smoking.

  60. Doesn’t anyone think that the only reason all are of them smoking is because the only pictures that could be taken were during a break? That doesn’t mean they smoke all the time! Yes smoking id gross and their breath may smell but who really knows how often they smoke………so before you go judging them on that fact maybe you should think about the fats I’ve given first!!!!!!!!

  61. i can’t believe it they are suck good actors they look healthy adn their gorgeouse they dont need to be smoking

  62. ok seriously even if u think that robert is hot but not the smoking… guess wat u’ll prolly never meet him and he’s prolly not interested anyway! it’s their life, and i’m sure that’s not all they do on set, that’s just wat all the tabloids like to print, the controversial stuff, so seriously, just enjoy the movies they make for u to watch!

  63. Though most of you all will probably disagree, but if you were as famous as Kristen or Rob you’d probably smoke too.. believe it or not being that famous is a ton more stressful then being normal.

  64. I’m not a very proud smoker but still, I think that Robert looks super HOT in here. I didn’t think he looked hot in the movie, but in this pic OMG. plus, if u’r soooooo against smoking, then don’t smoke, it’s a choice!!! and im sure kids see ppl smoking all over the world, so seeing two ppl wont really change a thing!!!!

  65. hehehehe, oh believe me michelle, I know that it’s bad and thats why I said that im not so proud of it hehehe, but I really don’t care!!!! I’ve been a passive smoker since I was a baby so atleast now im enjoying it LOL but hopefully i’ll stop soon but anyways, we’re all gonna die someday :)

  66. well it’s no wonder they are so skinny, cigarettes can do that for ya.
    and as much as i don’t agree with smoking, it’s their lungs at stake.
    but they are role models for kids and teens and smoking isn’t something to promote or condone..

  67. they are hot bet their really young 23 and 18 thank god taylor isn’t smoking at least we dont know

  68. I have to say seeing them all smoke makes me sad. :( I have cystic fibrosis so anything with smoking makes me sad but anyways i agree with the people all round. yes it is there choice if they want to smoke but its soooo gross. once i saw them smoke i have to admit my respect for them just dropped from a 10 to like 1. O well who are we to say anything. i still love them as the charcters tho but not so much as the actors, now that i found out that some of them smoke.

  69. He isn’t Robert,, The man is seen very idiot! Oh my good! Robert and smoking… ?t’s not possible..

    Okey,, Kristin smokings… She is dead. I’m never cry!

  70. thats really too bad they smoke. they seem like really good people. i wish they didnt but i cannot make that choice for them. i still love all of them and think they are absolutly amazing. no-one is perfect and its their lives, thier choice. rob is still sexy as ever and kristen is a gorgious!!! let them off the hook. im sure its very stressful being them so thats probably there way to let loose. who cares!!! i still LOVE them!!!.<3

  71. Ok first of all Kirssten ur 20 for god sake! even if ur older than 18 ur close and smoking is bad for u and this goes to Rob to! Look u have fans screaming for u and im one of them but what happens when u die cuz u get lung cancer? ur fans arent gunna be screaming for yall. This is bad. Plz stop i dont want u guys to die. And cant wait till new moon!

  72. let them be its stressful doing wat they do each day ok they smoke get over it its there life let them be I dont smoke but i aslo dont really care if they smoke non yall are ever going to date them let alone meet them so cool it with the breath thing they have stressful lives so geez let them smoke if they die it was there own falt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Umm…I think this hole smoking thing is disgusting and i have never lost respect for someone that fast before. So yaeh the only thing they have acheived is being dubed idiots for doing something so stupid.

  74. wow.
    not to be mean, but leave them alone.
    being on a movie and having to memorize the lines and expected to be finished with the movie by November is stressful. what does it matter to you guys if they smoke or not. you’re obviously a control freak if you judge people by if the smoke or not.
    no one is “dubed idiots” if they smoke, serisouly, come on.
    if you smoke, obviously you live in a stressful environment.
    and for the people saying that they should be putting pictures up of them smoking, notice how they’re not taking the pics themselves, it’s the press putting these pictures up.
    you really think that these people would post the pictures up themselves since kids look at them?
    and if a kid starts smoking just because they saw theis idol or whatever doing it makes the child easily influenced which means…nice job parents! :D
    just my opinion, but really it’s not as big of a deal as you people are making it out to be.
    quit being childish.
    it’s not your life.

  75. They really shouldn’t be smoking….it’s bad for them. :( I hope they don’t get like really sick or anything….but it’s their life…….

  76. I think smoking it disgusting…it kills you, the environmenent and basically everyone that surrounds you…and pics like this shouldn’t be published…these ppl may be actors but they r also rolemodels and kids look up to them..they can smoke n do wtv they want to…its their life n their loss but they should be careful as to what image they r giving to children across the globe.
    btw someone sed smoking weed in Canada is legal…well i live there and it’s not; maybe it is in one place but definately not everywhere…

  77. I’m only 12 and i know smoking is really bad. Im one of their biggest fans but to see them smoke just puts me down. I absoulutely hate smokers. even when i walk past them i hold my breathe until im a safe distance away so i wont breathe it in.

  78. Wow……….
    You know its really know of your guys bussinesss if they smoke!!!
    No one has the right to judge them they are old enough to do what they want with out your opions!!!!
    Cuz rob and kristen ROck!!!!!

  79. it really disapoints me that they smoke. i understand some of you are saying its ok because you want to feel better about your adiction but really they are role models and they wouldnt be putting themselfs in the spotlight if they didnt want to be. i saw some pictures from a couple years ago of rob smoking but i thought it was for a role or something and i am seriously turned off by that. and Kristen?? really?? she is barely 18!! i dont know about you guys but when i talk to my kids in 20 years i dont want my favorite actors to be the ones who are walking down the red carpet with an oxygen tank behind them!!! that is so bad for their helth i really hope that they stop.

  80. It bothers me that they are all smoking. And its not just in these pictures, there are a lot of them, and so many people look up to these guys, they apparently don’t realize that, or they just don’t care if a bunch of kids want to start smoking because of them. It’s a little sad.

  81. i think rob looks muuch hotter smoking
    and im just suprised that kirsten is too
    but im not gonna judge them by it they can do what they
    want they are just like any normal person around but
    they are actors

  82. it dosn’t mbother me that they’re smoking at all. so what if robert does… wouldn’t you want to kiss him anyway? that he is smoking wouldn’t stop me!
    (i’m sorry for the bad englisch, but i’m from Holland…)

  83. theres nothing wrong with smoking i do it most of the population does
    and yea they may be role models but it doesnt ruin the person they are like
    look at other stars lindsay lohan paris hilton and amy winehouse etc
    there much worse gettin arrested and dealing drugs, but were all human and you cant
    look down on a person for what they do, like not meanin to a bitch to the others who posted negative points but like it personally pisses me off cause you dont personally know them so why would they care what we think were just the fans like.

    oh and FYI not all smokers breath smell:)

  84. Every person who here who claims smoking ‘ruins the environment’ or ‘kills rain forrests’ is a moron, when you grow up you’ll realise what an obnoxious idiot you were. I smoke occasionaly, I enjoy it, but I don’t encourage it and it’s better if you don’t start as it could affect you if you’re smoking 20+ a day. Though what makes me sad is that some of you really believe things like smoking destroys the environment meaning you’ve been brain washed by the endless puritanical anti-smoking garbage. Inform people of the health risks sho them the possibility of what ‘could’ happen if you abuse it then let them make an ‘informed’ choice as an adult or even an individual, don’t pump shit into into their heads and make them believe everyone who smokes is a filthy rotten human being with bad breath and yellow teeth. Nice way to stigmatize people, little fascists.

  85. Umm, i’ve never smoked, i don’t appreciate smoking, i hate second hand smoke, and yes, it’s their choice to smoke, but c’mon people why is it that when i read all the comments it’s always that the smokers or the “pro” smokers are so rude, this isn’t a dispute forum, it’s just something to think about, yes i disagree with their decision in smoking, my brother smokes and he just turned 16, he’s been smoking for quite a while and goodness he looks awful, yes they are good actors, but c’mon if they still want to appeal the crowd at least keep your nice looks, and for those of you who think that smoking relieves stress, i suggest you open up some books, websites, and talk to a doctor about what smoking does to you. Though the role model fact is also true, smoking is just bad in so many ways. So, although we’ll never meet them let’s hope they’ll freshen up their health and stay gorgeous for our entertainment. And about the whole breath thing, you never know you might meet one of them someday, and personally i don’t want to talk to a person who has smoke smell on their breath or clothes.

  86. I agree. It is really gross. An dto think people look up to them. i think they should think twice. and with all the knowlage know with it you’d think they might not smoke.

  87. OMFG yes i have left a comment before but its really fuckin annoyin looking back at some comments fuck they just smoke its not a fuckin crime man why does everybody stereotype people for it fuck it angers me cause theyre are briliient at their job like why the fuck cant yous fuckin people just drop it like. And im not just sayin this cause i smoke like but it would do a persons head in man like consider it for a moment they probably didnt want to start od maybe they cause of pressure like i started because i was forced to then i got hooked. Think of the logic people. :)

  88. You know your right. But still. It might have made them think twice don’t oyu think? and it’s there desion. and like i said you are right. but you do have to look at it from other ways too. people look up to them. if they see them smoking they might too. but you are right. it really isn’t our bisness. but still

  89. Don’t they care about what their fans will think or their health!!! I didn’t know they smoked and now it just disappoints me!:( now i don’t even know if i want to kiss rob pattinson any more JK he is soooooo smokin’!! haha literally!!! what is he thinking as much as i love him… what an IDIOT!!! we love you rob but you should really quit!!
    your biggest fans, abbie and hayley!!! <3

  90. Thank you Lissa and yea i do agree with what your sayin, but its just all this stereotyping that pissis me of cause my teeth are still white and ive been doing for 3 years LOL like im not the defending them cause i do it LOL. And if you get what i mean here most fans wouldnt care if they smoke.

  91. I donĀ“t like at all the fact that they’re both smoking! I believe they have a very stressfull life, but that’s not an excuse to smoke… I guess, anyway, that it’s their choice… However, it makes me a little sad… I am against smoking because it not only affects the person who it’s smoking, but all the ones who are around them.. My mom smokes since she was a child and I had to inhale her smoke sinde I was born, so I know what it feels like to HAVE to smoke (even if not in a direct) because of someone else’s choice. Also, they being young as they are, and knowing the bad smoking does to you and other…. It’s so stupid they decide to do it… Especially because they have recently become role models to young people all over the world…
    I love them both, and I have to admit this STUPID choice made me rethink my opinion about them…

  92. Ummmm, guys? These pics are fake. i’ve seen these pics without the cigarettes, and the fingers on kristen aren’t even real, they are someone else’s, jst look at the skin colors. btw, there’s a reason this site is called shockya.

  93. Are you stupid or something? “I don’t want my kids to see that… Oh… That’s disgusting” Come on… GET A LIFE!! I’m just laughing so loud about you’re stupid comments LOLLL

  94. Get a freaking life you non-smoking, hypocritical back-stabbers. These are adults. They are ACTORS…not some pin-up poster children for the AHA! What they choose to do is their own business. If you don’t like it or agree with it, then that’s your decision.

    I’m sure they couldn’t care less what you think about how they “act” when they’re not in front of the camera.

    One last thing… Like vampires; smokers really do walk among you “holier-than-thou” folks.

  95. Question for you MoodyB, how are non-smokers hypocritical back-stabbers? Just because smoking is a known bad habit and it kills around 5.4 million people a year. I won’t quote facts at you though because clearly you aren’t open to other views (hypocritical much?). I’m just saying that smokers and non-smokers alike have the right to express their opinion without you being an a** about it.

    Here are the facts. I have smoking friends and non-smoking friends. I personally don’t smoke and neither my smoking friends nor my non-smoking friends would ever let me start if I wanted to. They all agree that is a nasty nasty habit and those that do smoke wish that they never started. Those are the facts and people who are in any kind of role model position shouldn’t walk around being bad influences. Kids will copy what they do and in essence the Twilight actors are somewhat responsible for those kids that start smoking because they do. I’m not saying they can’t smoke or whatever, that’s their decision. They should just be more careful about flaunting it when they know there are people watching their every actions.

  96. It is notghing to get worked up about. If they want to smoke let them its their fault if they get hurt because of it. It also has nothing to do with the movie

  97. ok i noe itz none of our buizness dat they smoke but it REALLY gives em a bad image. i noe they may b stressed out but smoking really isn’t a good way to chill. try a spa or something else 2 cryin out loud!!! i mean think bout all the kidz dat adore twilight n da cast, wut will they think when they c em smoking. n if they think of em az role modelz then nxt thing u noe it da whole world will b smoking! c’mon! kristen just turned 19 n she really shouldn’t b smoking at young of an age. she’ll just mess up her lungs even more. n it really KILLZ me dat even rob smokez!!!!!!!! plz dont smoke any more! it really hurts me!!!!!!!!!!!! =( sigh. i really had 2 get dat off ma chest!!!

  98. notice how everyone that says smoking is ok says things like it is really relaxing or stuff like that!!! thats horrible!!! killing ur self should not feel relaxing!!! all of those actors i look up to and it is kinda dissapointing to be honest…. i really hope they quit… i hate seeing people who are just hurting themselves and dont care….. )-:

  99. i know this is about smoking but…
    kristen Stewert is fracked up. she cant act!!
    and she and robert are officialy dating

  100. Omg seriously you guys have to get over the smoking thing hey. This whole thread pisses me off… ‘But they’re role models, its gross, she’s only 18.. blah blah blah GET OVER IT!!! u need lives..

    oh and in Australia u have to be over 18 to but smokes too, not just America, but does it even matter?

  101. Dear Amanda,
    Learn how to spell, and grammatically structure your sentence, then post something a little bit more clear so we can all understand.

  102. Deborah: Thousands of people are breathing in the second hand smoke from their, or my, particular cigarette? I am assuming you are familiar with hyperbole.

    To everyone worried about these actors being bad role models for their kids, you popped them out honey, you are supposed to be a role model and tech them to make proper decision for themselves and to know better than to copy someone else.

    I started smoking when i was 14 because I watched my mother my entire life my mother smoked, not because i saw Christian Slater puffing away in Interview With The Vampire.

    Now, all this talk about smoking is throwing me into a nic-fit, I’m off to poison the 1000’s of people that re going to breathe in my second hand smoke in my empty back yard.

  103. twilight?gurl

    Please, please PLEASE, open a dictionary. That’s not asking too much is it??

  104. Answer for Maddie: If you want to toss around facts, OBESITY in this country is the leader in health degeneration among our children, teens and adults…..Not Smoking. Look it up. I suppose you and your children have never gone to Mc D’s or any other drive thru??? That would make you a Hypocrite. Doing something you know is bad for your body, but you like it, it fills a void and it’s soothing to you. You better not answer that one.

    As far as being a back stabber–you don’t think it appropriate for them to smoke because your children view them as role models and they learn by what they see. The film is rated PG-13. How old are your children to be watching this vampire kissing, vampire beheading, leg breaking, dangerous driving, bloody movie? Wouldn’t want them to learn anything like that from their role models. It may not be “real life” on the big screen, but if they learn by what they see….

    It’s smoking. It’s their life. Again, they are actors and not spokespersons for the American Heart Assn. They are both legal adults and can do whatever they wish–good or bad–regardless of your opinions (or mine).

    We teach our children; not the actors on the silver screen. You may have a say in your childrens’ life while they’re under your roof, but that time is limited. You do the best you can, but ultimately they must take responsibility for their own actions. If it bothers you so much, then use these pictures of them smoking to your advantage; as a “what not to do”. And perhaps Barney the dinosaur would be more appropriate role model.

  105. my god, let them smoke if they want to where’s the problem? It’s their lifes. The most of you really overreacting!

    with greetings from Lydia

  106. i think ur all rediculos. first u can smoke all u want but ur gonna die because of it.i mean seriously it happens. my dad, grandpa, brother and uncle all died because of smoking. so STOP saying it doesnt matter smoking is gross either way and yea they could be doin something worse who cares. u shouldnt smoke even if ur an actor that doesnt make it right. more people die from second hand smoke than first hand thats why a lot of people r worried. so SHUT UP because its not some thing where people dont need to be worried. ^^^they r not only killing themselves but they r killing each other and everyone around them and NOBODY should smoke. just get some gum or a hobby i mean its not like theres nothing else to do.

  107. response to Ally: who the hell do you think you are to be calling them trash, you don’t know them. Even though you don’t like them it gives you no right to call them trash.

    To Elizabeth: Finally somebody agrees with me that Kristen Stewart can’t act. I’ve been wondering when someone would agree with me.

  108. i dont see a a problem with either of them smoking, its their choice dont you think?
    i bet everyone of you know someone closee to you who smokes! just like me!
    they are well good actors so whats wrong? yeah it harms you ect. but like i said its their choice and they are famous like all over the world and you care about them smoking….you all are too judgemental.!.!.!.!.

  109. I definitely think that Kristen and Rob should stop smoking. Alot of people watch these movies and that includes little kids. They should set an example like the role models they should be and quit smoking!

  110. wow it doesnt look too good when Rob and Kristen they are smoking almost everyone comments about that,they should stop smoking
    i rob looks so much better in the movie that in real life on offense

  111. Fuck men, let them be. If they’d like to smoke, let them smoke. You Americans always make big issues out of something that doesn’t even matter. It’s not up to them to have influence on kids or teens, parents are!

  112. Ok wow smoking is not a big deal and FYI they dont smoke as much as you all think! The fucking paparazzi only take pics of them smoking and posts them everywhere! get a life ppl! Robert is still a fuckning fine piece of ass that 90% of girls want!

  113. that is so gross =, they are going to end up dying super young, smoking is so bad for you, it could kill you, i am actually one of the most popular girls at LHS and smoking is so not cool, at all, anyone who does thinks that they are cool, smoking is just so NOT, it’s gross, its nasty, and wrong, lots of kids look up to these people and if they smoke, then the kids are going to start smoking, is that what everybody wants? the entire world smoking, gross, then there would be no human race!! Robert’s my cousin and i tell him I dont know how many times to stop and he doesnt do it that often but still i tell him and his little girlfriend kristen

  114. hey deborah, i have an easy fix for your “second hand smoke problem.” dont fucking stand around people who are smoking. WOW THAT WAS HARD

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