Warner Bros. and DC Comics’ next big budget feature, the big-screen adaptation of “Green Lantern” will be made at Fox Studios Australia in Sydney, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Martin Campbell (“Casino Royale”) will be directing the comic book’s big screen adaptation, working from a script by Greg Berlanti and Michael Green. THR are also reporting that the estimated budget of the space-cop comic book film will be $150 million.

Pre-production on “Green Lantern” is set to begin in July of 2009, and filming is scheduled to start in November. Warner Bros. are hoping to release the film in December of 2010.

The Green Lantern is a DC Comics character, though the name is used by several characters. The first debuted in 1940, though arguably the most famous, also known as Hal Jordan, first appeared in 1959 in DC’s “Showcase”. The Green Lanterns are an intergalactic police force who use a weapon called a Power Ring, which when charged from a lantern-shaped battery, can allow the wearer to fly through space and form various constructs and images out of green energy, controlled by sheer force of will. Described in the comics as perhaps “the most powerful weapon in the universe”, only beings who are utterly fearless can use the ring.

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By Costa Koutsoutis (Souce: The Hollywood Reporter)

Green Lantern
Green Lantern
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  1. The perfect Green Lantern will be Sam Witwer from Smallville. I know you must be thinking that I am crazy but just look at him. He has the face and build for the role. He is in about his late 20s or early 30s which makes him even more perfect for the part. He has acting experience so its not like another Brandon Routh incident will reoccur. If not him then I guess Chris Pine is the best rumored choice, but he is not a better one than Sam Witwer. If Pine was given the role he would be paid a ridiculous amount of money and everyone will view him as Captain Kirk, not Green Lantern. Pine also looks nothing like the Green Lantern…
    I have many more reasons why he should play the Green Lantern. I am so confident in this that I have even written a petition. Here’s the link, read it and sign before you leave, I’m sure you will agree with me:


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