is reporting that Robert Rodriguez’s planned remake of the classic cult sci-fi film “Barbarella”, to star Rose McGowan, is officially “dead”. Rodriquez’s official statement says that difficulty in acquiring financing for the project, which several studios balked at, is the reason.

Barbarella is a fictional French sci-fi comic book character, created by Jean-Claude Forest. He created the character in 1962, and the stand-alone books caused a scandal, becoming known as the first “adult” comic-books. Barbarella, who Forest modeled on Brigitte Bardot, is a young woman who travels through outer space and has numerous adventures, often involving sex. The 1968 starred Jane Fonda in the title role, who is tasked by the President of Earth to save Doctor Durand Durand from the planet SoGo in order to save Earth.

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Jane Fonda as Barbarella
Jane Fonda as Barbarella
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