Paul Epic strikes me as the kind of guy who will jump out of a moving car if it meant he would be helping out a friend. He also seems like he would throw someone out of a moving vehicle if he didn’t like the cologne they were wearing. Paul Epics’ debut album is titled South Of Heaven, North Of Hell and is released on Full Effect Records.

I am a musician. I want to tell you that because I am very much against labeling another musician by saying he sound like someone else. That being said, Paul Epic is an amazing singer and songwriter. He has an insane amount of talent and has the uncanny ability that very few singers have; the power to MAKE you feel the way he wants you to. Every song on the album, from the holy crap, pedal to the metal “Faster” ,to the slightly melodic, but deeply emotional “Remember Me” and “I am”, are definitely from the heart. That is a power that singers can’t fake. I can go from speeding in the fast lane to being honked at in the slow lane, then, pulling over to call my wife to tell her how much I love her, then cussing her out and speeding off again in the course of listening to this album.

I actually received South Of Heaven, North Of Hell about 3 weeks ago, I listened to it on my way to work and all day I was singing or humming different parts of songs. I have been listening to it so much, I forgot to review it. That is that power I was talking about.

I can’t even begin to pigeon hole Paul into a certain genre. Every song has a totally different feel and energy to it. If I had to I would say it was a “melody driven, hard rockin, emotional metal album, with a very slight country influence but, most definitely a balls to the wall, kick ass bunch of songs.
I am proud to say I am now a huge Paul Epic fan. I absolutely urge everyone to pick up South Of Heaven, North Of Hell as soon as you can. You will not be disappointed.

Oh yeah, Just in case I’m ever in a car with him, does anyone know what his favorite cologne is?

By Dave Minyard

By dave

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