Cam Gigandet (“Twilight”, “The OC”, “Never Back Down”) has been cast to star in the live-action adaptation of the Korean TokyoPop manga “Priest” opposite Paul Bettany. Scott Stewart is directing the horror Western for Screen Gems.

Adapted by Cory Goodman, “Priest” is set in a world where humanity and Vampires have warred for centuries. Bettany will play a warrior priest who turns against his church to track down his niece, kidnapped by a roving gang of vampire bandits. Gigandet will play a sheriff of the wasteland world who is part vampire, and partners with Bettany to save the niece, who he is in love with.

Originally created in 1998 and still running, “Priest” was created by Hyung Min-woo for Daiwon C. I. before TokyoPop began translating and publishing it in English.

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By Costa Koutsoutis (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

Actor Cam Gigandet
Actor Cam Gigandet

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