Lionsgate has just released a very cool “Saw VI” iPhone application to the iTunes store for FREE! Now you SAW fans can manipulate your voice to sound like Jigsaw. Features include 60 seconds recording, a Jigsaw soundboard and 4 Jigsaw presets to mat your voice. There are also pitch, speed and tempo settings. Once you record your voice to the application, you can e-mail them to your friends.

“Saw VI” aka Saw 6 directed by Kevin Greutert stars Shawnee Smith (The Grudge 3, Saw V), Tobin Bell (Boogeyman 2, Buried Alive), Betsy Russell (Chain Letter) and Costas Mandylor (The Rogue, Toxic, Immortally Yours).

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Saw VI iPhone Application
Saw VI iPhone Application

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2 thoughts on “Free Saw VI iPhone App Makes You Sound Like Jigsaw”
  1. A friend of mine would love this! He dressed up as Jigsaw for a Halloween last year, it was such an awesome costume.

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