In an interview with “Zombieland” co-writer Paul Wernick, Sci-Fi Wire inquired about the script for the “Spider-Man” spin-off “Venom” that Sony will be producing, which Wernick wrote alongside Rhett Reese.

Wernick said;

“We’ve written two drafts of Venom, and the studio has it, and they’re pushing forward in whatever ways they push forward, […] We can’t really talk about that, unfortunately”.

Venom, portrayed by Topher Grace in 2007’s “Spider-Man 3”, is a Spider-Man villain created by Marvel Comics. The Spider-Man character Eddie Brock becomes the villainous analogue to the webslinging-hero when an alien symbiote, who had previously tried to control Spider-Man, moved onto another host, Brock.

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By Costa Koutsoutis (Source: Sci Fi Wire)

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