Forget plastic surgery and Botox; now we’ve got to worry about aging stars being Photoshopped to death. The first two Sex and the City 2 posters certainly overly glamorized Sarah Jessica Parker, but at least she still looked like herself. The newest poster includes all four leading ladies, two of which simply don’t look right.

Cynthia Nixon is the big winner here. She may have been banished to the far right side, but at least she looks pretty good. Kristin Davis takes a step closer to plastic, but is still passable. Poor SJP, front and center and seemingly cross-eyed. At least the Kim Cattrall atrocity will avert some of the attention. Is that even Cattrall or did someone hire a stand-in?

Further skewing the poster is that awful backdrop. You’ve got the title and film information properly aligned, but throw us off with a slanted horizon? In fact, you can’t even make out the horizon line to Davis’ left. On top of that, the bottom is completely cluttered up by a mess of legs and Parker’s scarf thing. This is just plain old sloppy.

I must admit, good promo material or not, I’ll be running to catch Sex and the City 2 when it hits theaters on the 27th.

By Perri Nemiroff (via Yahoo! Movies)

Sex and the City 2
Sex and the City 2

By Perri Nemiroff

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