Hurry up and take a dip in the lake while you can because once Piranha 3D hits theaters on August 27th, you won’t want to swim with the fishies anymore. As compared to the teaser, this one gives us more of a taste of what to expect from this Alexandre Aja film – or more of what these bloodthirsty piranhas taste.

When an underwater quake lets loose a slew of man-eating fish thought to have vanished millions of years ago, they head straight for Lake Victoria, a spring break hotspot. A group of strangers must band together and do whatever it takes to not be eaten alive by these mini monsters. The trailer provides a peek at most of the cast including Elisabeth Shue, Adam Scott, Christopher Lloyd, Jerry O’Connell and Jessica Szohr.

Some of the material seems a little giggle-worthy, but there’s nothing wrong with a scary movie on the campy side. In fact, Piranha is looking like a fun end-of-the-summer option. The potential to be a total bust is certainly there, but I’m giving Piranha the benefit of the doubt.

By Perri Nemiroff

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By Perri Nemiroff

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