With Jonah Hex just a month away from hitting theaters, Warner Bros. Pictures decided it’s time for us to get a detailed look at the film’s main players. The studio has released four character posters featuring Josh Brolin as the titular character, Megan Fox as his lady friend Leila, John Malkovich as the evil terrorist, Quentin Turnbull, and Michael Fassbender as Turnbull’s right-hand man, Burke.

The best of the bunch is Fassbender’s image. We’ve already seen quite a bit of Brolin’s scarred up face, there’s just not enough of Malkovich in his poster and Fox’s desperate heroine look is a little on the sleepy side even though I know most of our male readers will beg to differ. Fassbender on the other hand commands his blue background with a face we’ve yet to get a detailed look at. Even with some minor imperfections, these four banners should look fantastic hanging from the rafters side-by-side in your local theater.

By Perri Nemiroff (via ComingSoon)

Jonah Hex Poster 1

Jonah Hex Poster 2

Jonah Hex Poster 3

Jonah Hex Poster 4

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