Evan Rachel Wood’s more wholesome side is nice, but with a guy like Marilyn Manson in her life, she just can’t be the girl next door all the time. As reported by Variety, the couple signed on to star in Adam Bhala Lough’s Splatter Sisters. The flick will be produced by Edward R. Pressman and David Gordon Green.

According to the article, Splatter Sisters is being described as a “sexploitation-serial-killer-slasher-road-movie circa 1989.” The plan is to turn the film into a franchise, which Lough hopes could create a new subgenre called “Skinemax Cinema” inspired by the direct-to-cable films he watched as a kid. Lough must have had very lenient parents.

I’m getting a Hostel/Natural Born Killers feeling from this one; people running around racking up victims torture porn style. Of course this is just a guess as zero plot details have been divulged. The barebones announcement was made in Cannes from Pressman who’s there to promote his upcoming film Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. He explained, “Lough’s unique talent and energy will make Splatter Sisters a very special and markedly commercial film.” Green was on hand to add, “This is a role Marilyn Manson was born to play, and with Evan Rachel Wood bringing dramatic gravity to the ensemble, I have no doubt this will take the horror genre to a new level.”

I’m all for anything starring Wood, but the idea of Manson starring in a film is a little disconcerting. His music is featured on a slew of soundtracks, but Manson has only appeared on screen in a handful of minor roles. Let’s hope Wood can whip him into shape.

By Perri Nemiroff

Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson

By Perri Nemiroff

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