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Zach Galifianakis Is All Smiles In The New Due Date Poster


Zach Galifianakis Is All Smiles In The New Due Date Poster

Just a few weeks ago we brought you the very first trailer for the latest comedy from Todd Phillips, Due Date, and now we’ve got a poster to go with it courtesy of Yahoo! Movies. I’ve got a thing for digitally rendered portraits, so this one’s an instant winner with one exception, that look on Galifianakis’ face. Yes, his character is the film’s primary comedic relief, but based on the trailer he seems to be more of a serious and unintentionally funny guy, kind of like Alan in The Hangover. He doesn’t do what he does to get a laugh, he thinks his behavior’s normal. I would have had Galifianakis go sans smile like his pooch and Robert Downey Jr.

For those of you who are out of the loop on this one, Due Date stars Downey Jr. as Peter Highman, a guy with a wife who’s due to give birth to their first child in just five days. When racing to the airport to catch a flight home, Peter bumps into Ethan Tremblay (Galifianakis), an aspiring actor, calamity ensues and Peter has no choice but to travel cross-country with Ethan and then, well, more calamity ensues.

Due Date‘s own due date is November 5th.

By Perri Nemiroff

Due Date Poster

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