The hard rock genre has had a difficult time situating itself amongst contemporary music, which has largely been dominated by electronic tunes. Nowadays, it often seems that vocals are masked with different sound effects, heightening the quirkiness of the track, but downgrading the authenticity of it. With Rev Theory’s upcoming album, Justice, the American hard rock band has reminded us how powerful a song can be when it is solely comprised of raw vocals and instrumental rifts.

Rev Theory, formerly known as Revelation Theory, formed in 2002. Having released two prior albums, Truth is Currency and Light It Up, their third album, Justice, proves to be their strongest yet. Since their debut album, the band has toured with several chart-topping groups, such has Hinder, Buckcherry and Lynryd Skynyrd. Their hit track, “Light It Up” has been featured on the World Wrestling Entertainment channel and on the video game, Guitar Hero: World Tour. Rev Theory will redefine the world of rock music with Justice, when it drops on February 15th via Interscope Records.

Right off the bat, the album begins with its most powerful anthem track, “Dead In A Grave.” The raspy vocals of Rich Luzzi reel the listener into the song and the clearly sung lyrics keep the listener fixed. The triumphant track’s vocals are complemented with unreal guitar rifts, similar to those of Slash of Guns N’ Roses. The catchy chorus of the opening number is positively haunting. Without a doubt a chart topping success, “Dead In A Grave” is just the beginning. The 11 track LP only gets better and better with each tune.

Justice is compiled with a series of other powerhouse anthems, such as “Justice” and “Hangman,” but every so often, the listener is graced with a sincere ballad proving that hard rockers do have a heart.

“Fire,” “Say Goodbye” and “Hollow Man” are slow paced standouts. The power of the lead vocals is still prevalent, but the profound lyrics accompanied by the softened instrumentals, could bring a frown to the hardest of the hard rockers.

“Hollow Man” wins the battle of the ballads in our book. The track begins with “I could walk all night and never find what’s right.” As the song takes hold, the lyrical composition becomes even more relatable. Luzzi’s vocals are at the forefront and guide the song to its completion. He is not just your typical screaming rocker, but one who could sing in just about any genre and deliver a solid performance.

Rev Theory mixes it up again with another rocking smash. Resembling a title from a Tim Burton film, “Wicked Wonderland,” has all the characteristics of a hard rock hit. The fast paced track with once again, brilliant guitar rifts, displays Rev Theory’s rebellious and frightful side bringing the album full circle. Reminiscent of the 90s grunge, “Wicked Wonderland” has it all with the sounds of the electric guitar, powerhouse vocals and contrasting song dynamics. Just another track off of Justice that has yet to disappoint.

Time to take a breath, as we can go on and on about this breakthrough rock album. This 11 track LP of success is the album that could add diversity to the chart topping sounds we hear today. Rev Theory might be pigeonholed as solely a hard rock band, but Justice proves the band can mix it up and offer listeners a taste of triumph and sounds of sorrow. Third time is definitely the charm.

Lonnie Nemiroff

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