Being judgmental is arguably part of our human nature instincts, but we believe these tendencies could be broken with musicians, such as those of Escape the Fate. The Las Vegas quartet has been breaking boundaries with the tracks of their self-titled third album and with their performances as the headliners of the “Dead Masquerade” tour. The 10 track LP features tracks that have dual capabilities. They are songs that can embody catchy lyrical compositions and raging hardcore rock instrumentals. This unique ability separates Escape the Fate from the rock bands who are unable to express the words of a song clearly without losing their edge. We have said it before, but we will say it again: We commend you, Escape the Fate, for breaking this frontier.

The bassist of the band, Max Green, has the rocker look down to the core with his dark exterior and heavy make-up. Yes, we just passed judgment. But we are not here to talk about Green’s looks, but rather highlight his undeniable passion as a musician of Escape the Fate.  Once homeless and once a rehab patient, Green has never given up and has continued to make music that is relatable due to its multiple layers of emotions and attitudes. Check out what Green had to say about Escape the Fate’s recent albums, Escape the Fate and Issues Remixes EP, and their current tour, “The Dead Masquerade.”

How has your music changed since the beginning days of Dying Is Your Latest Fashion? What separates your self-titled third album from the others?

This is the first album all of us are happy with from front to back. And this is the first album where we worked with a producer, where we called the shots and we got to do what we wanted to do.  And we didn’t have anyone pushing us in any certain direction. And we didn’t have any backlash from the label. It was on our terms.

The album has been out since November, enjoying the feedback from fans?

Oh yeah, it has been crazy and real refreshing to hear the feedback from fans. It is a huge milestone in our career. No matter what we can’t please everyone all the time. But for the most part, it is has been positive feedback. And it just feels good. And I can’t help but reiterate again that this is us and it has been all our ideas and no one else’s.

“Issues” is a powerful rock anthem. Why did you choose to remix this single with electronic beats?

We didn’t really want to force a remix down anyone’s throat. We kind of let people listen to the album and let them choose the remix because we didn’t want to force any artistic ability or disability upon anyone with this remix.

Why four different versions of the remix with various artists?

We wanted to see what the different artists from different parts of the world and of different genres could do with our material. This whole album has been an experience and experiment within itself.

Do you think there is a place in the music world for a genre of hardcore rock and techno music?

Most definitely, I feel like this album is kind of doing something new. It is bridging gaps. It is breaking down barriers, paving new ways for things and opening up doors that people were afraid to walk through or didn’t really see were there.

How has The Dead Masquerade tour been?

The bands that we are out there with are killer. The tour is just killing it right now.

Why name the tour, The Dead Masquerade?

The whole album is kind of a masquerade. It was between The Dead Masquerade and The Rocking Dead tour. And we all agreed on Dead Masquerade. It just kind of rolled off the tongue better.

Even though the tour just started, got a favorite song you like to play?

The song “Zombie Dance,” is one of my definite favorites. And the songs “Guillotine 3” and “Gorgeous Nightmare.”

You guys have been consistently building a solid career in the music world. Got any advice for up and coming hard rockers?

Never stop, dude. If you believe in something, kid you not, there is nothing you can’t do. I preach that. I have been to rehab and I have been homeless, and look where I am at now right now, so I am living proof you can do anything.

By Lonnie Nemiroff

Escape the Fate
Escape the Fate

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