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American Idol set to release apology on behalf of Steven Tyler


American Idol set to release apology on behalf of Steven Tyler

Who expected this to happen? According to Tv Squad, the producers of “American Idol” are going to issue an apology at the beginning of tonight’s episode. What will the apology be about? Well, apparently, it’ll be concerning some “outrageous” behavior from Steven Tyler, according to the producers. Radio DJ and “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest released this tweet which read:

“At the idol working on the LA episode that you will see Thursday. Tomorrow is Austin. Make sure u watch the producers apology at the top :)”

He also said on his radio that a black card will appear at the beginning of the episode, stating “‘American Idol would like to apologize for last week’s outrageous behavior by Steven Tyler…'” As to what behavior they’re referring to, it’s a bit up-in-the-air, but most fingers point to the leering looks and objectionable,slightly predatory comments Tyler made to some of the younger women contestants. Other people might think it has to do with the decision to bring auditioner Chris Medina’s ailing wife into the audition room. While it is a bit exploitative to bring the young woman, who suffered brain damage in a car accident, into the room, that decision seemed more like a production error than the judges’ error, as the producers pushed the tragedy-laden life of Danny Gokey, whose wife suffered from congenital heart problems, to the exploitative hilt.

What will the “AI” producers apologize for? We’ll just have to wait until tonight to see.

Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler

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