Title: Seconds Apart

Directed by: Antonio Negret

Writer: George Richards

Stars: Edmund Entin, Gary Entin, Monica Acosta, Gabe Begneaud and Kent Jude Bernard

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Reports focusing on the close mental relationship between twins, particularly those that speculate they share telekinetic abilities together, have always been met with interest, especially by horror fans. Horror and thriller directors have long relied on telekinesis and other rumored powers of the mind to sell their evil-twin movies, and Antonio Negret is one of the latest to do so. His latest directorial effort, ‘Seconds Apart,’ which is being released as part of After Dark Films’ annual Horrorfest (also known as the ‘8 Films to Die For’ film festival), hopes to prove that the tight bond between twins doesn’t always last forever.

Negret, who has experience in the thriller genre after helming the 2007 film ‘Towards Darkness,’ somewhat succeeds in achieving his goal of offering a twist on the evil-twin sub-genre. Wanting to show that some twins do indeed outgrow their dependence on their sibling, and that some people do finally see the error in their ways, ‘Seconds Apart’ follows telekinetic twins Jonah and Seth. (The two are played by real-life twins Edmund and Gary Entin, respectively, who rose to fame portraying the Wenabago sons in the horror movie ‘Rest Stop’ and its sequel, ‘Rest Stop: Never Look Back’). The brothers live a seemingly privileged and spoiled life furnished by their father, who is a doctor. However, unbeknownst to the outside world, Jonah and Seth actually use their gift to kill people.

Detective Lampkin (portrayed by Orlando Jones), who is still dealing with the death of his wife, actually comes to suspect Jonah and Seth of being involved in several murders linked to their high school, even though no one else believes him. While Seth is determined to keep his and his brother’s guilt hidden from Lampkin, and even uses the detective’s grief over losing his wife to his advantage, Jonah begins to have a change of heart. After meeting new student Eve (portrayed by Samantha Droke), Jonah starts to see the error in his and his brother’s murder schemes. But Seth won’t let Jonah break their bond and plans easily, even if it means destroying his brother’s new relationship with Eve.

Negret made the right decision in hiring Edmund and Gary to portray the murderous twins, as they both exude the desire to harm other people. Neither one seems to care what effects their actions have on other people, and are only concerned with finishing their project of filming the murders they commit with their minds. While Gary perfectly displays the characteristics of a psychotic killer who is only concerned with harming other people, Edmund deserves just as much recognition, if not more, for his portrayal of Jonah.

In the beginning of ‘Seconds Apart,’ audiences will likely believe Jonah is a willing participant in his brother’s scheme to harm and kill people for their own benefit. However, after meeting Eve, Jonah goes through a revelation, and starts to see the good in people. Edmund will surely convince viewers that Jonah no longer has any desire to hurt anyone else, and is determined to bring an end to his twin’s evil plans.

Screenwriter George Richards also made the right decision to include some of Lampkin’s backstory and history with his wife.  Viewers will find it easier to connect with the detective and understand why he is so driven to make a connection between the twins and the deaths surrounding them.

While Negret made smart decisions while casting ‘Seconds Apart’ and Richards perfectly balanced the number of scenes he dedicated to the twins and Lampkin, by the time the movie gets to the end of its storyline, it lacks any sort of cohesion. The tension builds heavily between the twins and Lampkin throughout the majority of ‘Seconds Apart,’ but the final resolutions Negret includes don’t do the film justice. While horror films rarely feature a happy ending, Negret still could have incorporated resolutions that are easier to understand and fit better with the messages of the movie.

The bond between twins has always intrigued movie audiences, and for the most part, ‘Seconds Apart’ indulges viewers’ curiosity. Edmund and Gary seamlessly portray twins who have always been close, but have recently come to odds with each other over their illegal activities. While Negret also wisely chose to include the background of the detective investigating them, the overall film could have worked better if some of the plot points weren’t so confusing.

Written by: Karen Benardello

Seconds Apart Poster
Seconds Apart Poster

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