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Bantic Media Signs Slutever and When I Was 12


Bantic Media Signs Slutever and When I Was 12

We love to hear about new bands getting signed. So, this announcement is music to our ears, pun intended. Drexel University’s Bantic Media announced the signing of two of Philadelphia’s upcoming hit bands, Slutever and When I Was 12.

Bantic media is a marketing company that is run by students of the university’s music industry program. The artist services portion of the company is overseen by music industry veteran, Darren Walters.

Onto the bands. Slutever reminds us of a band that we would hear off of the Juno soundtrack. That is a good thing. The garage punk band recorded their debut EP, Sorry I’m Not Sorry, in a bathroom and once they left those stalls, the band gained a considerable amount of attention from their city, Philadelphia.

Slutever will release their record, Pretend to Be Nice, on March 29th. The new 7-inch record has two B-sides recorded from the Sorry I’m Not Sorry bathroom sessions

When I Was 12 also resembles a band from the Juno soundtrack, but has a completely different sound than Slutever. So, just a shout out to the diversity of the tunes from Juno. The early 60s pop band consists of a quartet with Adrianne Gold as the front woman.

When I Was 12’s debut EP was recorded on the university’s campus and will drop on April 16th at Record Store Day. Bantic Media will release 300 limited edition pieces of random colored 7-inch vinyl with full color custom sleeves designed by the band and friends. Fifty copies of the colored 7-inch will be available with a t-shirt as well.

We give props to Bantic Media for bringing these unique sounding bands to our attention.

Check out Bantic Media’s official website for digital downloads and pre-orders of Slutever and When I was 12. Also, for both bands tour information visit their Myspace pages here and here.

By Lonnie Nemiroff

When I Was 12 and Slutever

When I Was 12 and Slutever

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