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Queen Caveat is the Black Swan of Music


Queen Caveat is the Black Swan of Music

It is invigorating to hear a hard rock band with a female lead vocalist. A rock band led by a female front women as daring as Lauren Little is just as stimulating, if not more, as one led by a front man. This Los Angeles – based band, Queen Caveat, is the breakthrough band to watch at South by Southwest.

Queen Caveat has just released their debut music video for the track, “What Built Me.” The video was directed by AFI graduate Evan Urman and can simply be described as one fierce video. Resembling a stand out scene from the movie, Black Swan, this video is all about Lauren Little and her battle with darkness. Little, who is dressed in a white lace gown, runs through the back alleys and slums of downtown Los Angeles with a bleeding gash in her stomach. We are not exactly sure what evil force she is running from, but in the end she runs into a black clothed version of herself and the twin death match results in the “angel” Little getting slapped across the face by the “devil” Little. Talk about twisted. But it undeniably works for Queen Caveat.

The rock band’s tour of the southwest begins on March 1st in Hermosa Beach, CA and ends on March 30th in Fullerton, CA with SXSW performances situated between their spring tour dates.

Lonnie Nemiroff

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