Christopher Nolan may reboot another famous franchise once he’s completed ‘The Dark Night Rises,’ as Alcon Entertainment is looking at him to expand the world of Ridley Scott’s 1982 film ‘Blade Runner,’ is reporting. The production company recently bought the rights to make prequels or sequels to the hit movie, and would love to reunite with Nolan. The director-writer-producer first worked with Alcon when he released his 2002 psychological thriller ‘Insomnia.’

Alcom producer and co-founder Andrew Kosove has told the website io9 that he would love to have Nolan direct a prequel. Kosove, who added that the independent production company may never even have the funds to make more ‘Blade Runner’ movies, said that he and fellow Alcon co-founder and producer Broderick Johnson will discuss what direction they want the story to go in. If that story fits Nolan’s style, they will push to have him direct the film.

Kosove added that “I think whatever success we’ve had at Alcon…that philosophy of believing in filmmakers, giving them some parameters and letting them do their jobs, has served us very, very well. And it’s how we’ll approach this process.” He also said Alcon had a great experience with Nolan when they worked on ‘Insomnia’ together, and he appreciates the methodology that the director brought to the Batman world.

Written by: Karen Benardello

Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan

By Karen Benardello

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4 thoughts on “Christopher Nolan May Make Blade Runner Prequels/Sequels”
  1. I don't think Nolan would do it. He doesn't want to be turned into a studio puppet that does the projects that studios want him to do for lots of money. I see him more as an auteur like James Cameron that writes/directs/produces his own stuff.

  2. nolan is a huge fan of blade runner. i had a feeling he might be interested after he does the bio pic of howard hughes.

  3. It would be amazing if he did direct it! But even more amazing if he got to write it also. That way he's crazy intimate with it, and he's amazing mind will run with it!!!

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