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Even More Scream 4 Stills And A TV Spot


Even More Scream 4 Stills And A TV Spot

We’ve seen still after still for Scream 4, but how about a TV spot? The very first one just hit the web and it’ll certainly stir some excitement within franchise fans. No, the spot doesn’t boast any new footage, but it does bring us back to the good old days of the ghostface killer and that’s more than enough to get us pumped for round four.

And, of course, with that TV spot comes more stills. Don’t worry; in this case, it’s not more of the same. Not only do they give us a peek at some new material, but some actually goes into spoiler territory. Naturally, the one that stands out is the one that looks to give away one of the film’s kills, a corpse hanging Casey Becker-style with “What’s your favorite scary movie?” scrawled on the wall in blood. The shot’s packed with gore galore, but are we treading into campy territory with the writing on the wall? Sure, the Scream series is out to poke fun at the genre and has been since day one, but there is a fear the reboot could push it too far much like what happened in the franchise’s third installment.

How are you feeling about the Scream 4 promotional material thus far?

By Perri Nemiroff

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