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New Warrior Poster Gives Us Two For One


New Warrior Poster Gives Us Two For One

It’s certainly about time for more Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton. Both actors delivered incredibly impressive performances in 2010, Hardy in Inception and Edgerton in Animal Kingdom, and now they’re joining forces to do it yet again in a film called Warrior.

Hardy plays Tommy Conlon, an ex-Marine who returns home and convinces his father (Nick Nolte) to train him to compete in an MMA tournament boasting the biggest prize in the sport’s history. Edgerton steps in as Tommy’s brother, Brendan, an ex-fighter still harboring a hefty grudge against his estranged family members. After losing his job, Brendan has no choice but to return to the amateur ring just so he can make a living. When Brendan surprises everyone and climbs to the top, he hits Tommy head on and their tumultuous past boils over around them.

Warrior isn’t due to hit theaters until September, but we’ve already got the film’s first two posters. Actually, it’s more like a two-for-one. Check out the promotional art below and keep an eye on the film’s website,, for more.

By Perri Nemiroff

Warrior Posters

Warrior Posters

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