The month of McKagan is here. Eagle Rock Entertainment will release Duff McKagan’s Loaded, The Taking, on vinyl April 12th and on CD April 19th.

With released tracks, “We Win” and “Fight On,” McKagan reminds us just how experienced he really is in all realms of the music industry. You can hear his musical talent from his days of Guns N’ Roses, of Velvet Revolver, and of Jane’s Addiction, as well as the those of his many other successful groups, in his tracks. It is skin deep with McKagan; none of that unconfident surface crap.

With McKagan as lead vocalist and guitarist, Jeff Rousse, the bassist, Mike Squires, the guitarist and Issac Carpenter, the drummer, Duff McKagan’s Loaded is a shoe-in to create a work of art with their upcoming album, The Taking.

Check out “We Win” and “Fight On” on iTunes, now. Also, look out for the band’s feature-length film, The Taking, which is due out this summer.

For more information visit the official website and be sure to visit for Duff’s new video “Dead Skin”.

Long live the days of classic rock.

by Lonnie Nemiroff

Duff McKagan Loaded
Duff McKagan Loaded

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